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All Four Eyases Have Successfully Hatched! – 5/4/16

The nest box seems to be getting smaller and smaller now that all four eyases have hatched!

The fourth eyas hatched at approximately 10:06 pm last night. We were finally able to get a glimpse of all four early this morning. Both Beauty and Dot.ca will be very busy caring for their young. Be sure to check out our live streaming video to get a glimpse of family life for our Peregrine Falcon family.

Rfalconcam Live Streaming Video

5-4-16 Beauth and 4 Eyases Night Camera2_20160504-044600

5-4-16 Beauty and Eyases MainCamera_20160504-0757005-4-16 Beauty Feeds 4 Eyases MainCamera_20160504-1414005-4-16 B and DC Feed Eyases MainCamera_20160504-101800

5-4-16 Pretty Beauty MainCamera_20160504-173700

2 Responses to “All Four Eyases Have Successfully Hatched! – 5/4/16”

  1. Sue (Bess) Says:

    I’m so happy all four hatched, and look forward to watching again this year! 🙂

  2. Alison in Indiana Says:


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