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Fledge Watch- Lou Capuano, Saturday, July 14, 9:00am- Noon

Grace and Linn Hit the Beach

You know, just when you think you’ve seen it all with falcon watching, something unusual happens that reminds you that there’s always something new to see. This album captures on of those moments.


6 Responses to “Fledge Watch- Lou Capuano, Saturday, July 14, 9:00am- Noon”

  1. Linda Says:

    Wonderful pictures and commentary

  2. BFaye Says:

    A nine point buck lying down in the middle of Rochester…in plain view!!!!!!
    Probably a law against firing guns in the city?????
    He’s a beauty!

  3. Kathy O Says:

    I loved your pics and your wonderful fun comments!

  4. June Kogut Says:

    What fun! The commentary was special and the editing was priceless. Thank you for keeping us “in the picture”.

  5. Hugh Nichols Says:


    I’m very impressed with your photography skills. Will you share with us what kind of camera and lens you are using.

    Hugh Nichols

  6. Lauren Foley Says:

    Thank you so much for the picture and fine photos! You really are sucking me into this falcon , they are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! thing. I am an animial activist, but I never really, well looked at these beautiful birds of prey so closely. Thank you again, I’m hooked. Sorry..three cat owner (they have better watch out) ~Lauren

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