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Rochester Falcons Beauty & Dot.ca’s First Egg Has Arrived! 3/27/18

If you fell asleep last night before midnight, you missed the arrival of Beauty and Dot.ca’s first egg of 2018! We had our first view of the newly arrived egg at 12:02 am. Of course we’re all very egg-cited to see it this morning. It’s a sure sign of Spring!!!

First Egg 3-27 1202 am Camera2_20180327-000200
First Egg Camera3_20180327-061000

We had a nice look at the egg when the sun came up.

First Egg 3-27 MainCamera_20180327-070000

Dot.ca brought a food gift to Beauty. While she left to eat her breakfast, Dot.ca watched over the egg.

First Egg 3-27-18 MainCamera_20180327-071000

It didn’t take long for Beauty to return. Both Beauty and Dot.ca will take turns guarding the eggs.

First Egg 3-27-18 MainCamera_20180327-073900
First Egg 3-27-18 MainCamera_20180327-074000

Congratulations to Beauty, Dot.ca, the Rochester Falcon Watchers and Fans!

One Response to “Rochester Falcons Beauty & Dot.ca’s First Egg Has Arrived! 3/27/18”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    How lovely, a going away gift for MAK!

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