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Our 3rd Eyas Has Arrived!

At 4:10 pm this afternoon our 3rd eyas broke out of its eggshell. Like the first two, Nova was there to help. Nova handles hatching differently than Beauty did. She will chew on the cracked egg and assist the eyas to break out. This is something we’re not used to seeing, but it’s not harming the eyases. We believe that Nova and Neander are first time parents, so they’re learning.

Once the eyas was free, she immediately tucked it under her. It was a couple hours, before we got a good look at the three eyases as Nova fed them. The first meal wasn’t enough to feed all three, so Nova went out for a larger meal while Neander came into the nest box to comfort the eyases. Nova soon returned with more food and made sure that each eyas was fed.

It’s now 9:30 pm, and Nova is in the nest box covering the eyases and the remaining egg, which we hope will hatch soon.

Every day, the eyases will grow bigger and stronger!

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