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The Girls Have Fledged! 7/8/22

We knew it would happen soon, but we’re never quite ready to see them leave the nest box.

Both Kanfai Malachim and Zara fledged successfully this afternoon.

Kanfai Malachim was first. She fledged at 1:38 pm flying off the wall and landing on the Union Trust Bldg. She soon took off again at 2:21 pm and flew up to the top of the Wilder Bldg. A third flight took her to the top of the Cross Rds Bldg where she cried for food from Neander who was nearby on a lower ledge. She flew a 4th time, chasing Neander past the Times Square Bldg. She was seen turning back towards the Wilder Bldg. She has not been seen since then, but she’s probably exhausted after all that flying and hunkered down somewhere out of sight. The watchers that witnessed her flights, said she was doing great, flying strong and gaining altitude.

Zara was our 2nd fledge at 4:35 pm. She took off heading north, landing on the corner of the Wilder chimney. She flapped and flapped and finally found her balance, nailing her landing. The watchers gave her a 10! Her 2nd flight took her to the Telesca Bldg.

Blaze is still home, enjoying a meal that he got to eat all by himself under the watchful eye of mom, Nova. This was the first time he didn’t have to fight his sisters for a bite of food. It looks like he’ll be spending the night by himself.

Many thanks to all the Rochester Falcon Watchers that have been downtown watching the young falcons take their first flights! And to those controlling the Rfalconcam cameras to track the movements of our two girls, who we can now call juvies. Awesome Teamwork!

One Response to “The Girls Have Fledged! 7/8/22”

  1. Bonnie Coe Says:

    I KNEW something was up yesterday when I got new posts messages!! Had no time to check until today! Go Gurlz!! So happy so far.

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