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Toasting the New Year for the Rochester Falcons 2023!

It was time for the Rochester Falcon Watchers to raise their glasses for their annual toast for a successful 2023 Season for the Rochester Falcons!

2023 Rochester Falcon Watchers

Fourteen watchers gathered on Broad St. in front of the Rochester War Memorial aka the Blue Cross Arena. From there we had a wonderful view of the falcon nest box on the Times Square Bldg and the surrounding area. One of the Rochester Falcons was even in attendance on the Wilder Chimney.

Just a quick aside, due to this being a new pair, we are unsure of their habits. So, is it Nova and Neander we’re still seeing during the Winter months? We all believe that Nova is still here, but that Neander may have migrated, and a new guy is hanging out. Both are unbanded, so it’s impossible to be 100% sure.

It was a cool morning, but not as bitter cold as it has been in the past. Temps in the 30’s and overcast. By the time we left, it was lightly raining and much colder.

Fourteen watchers came downtown for the 2023 falcon toast. Joyce, Brian H, Lynda, Carrie, Carla P, Jeanne, Pat, Dana, Lou, Shaky, Sue, Linda, Kathy O and Carol P. Rochester Falcon Fan Bob also joined us. Nice to meet you, Bob! Susan and MAK were on the phone.

Lynda brought special grapes; Carla P brought blue star cookies (from her son John Carlos) and I brought the toasting beverage. Shaky was our emcee. He walked around the group collecting Happy New Year wishes

After spending time catching up with each other, it was time for the toast. But the falcon on the Wilder chimney had other ideas. It wasn’t paying any attention to us. It took off, flew past the Times Square Bldg heading south. It wasn’t long before the falcon headed back carrying a pigeon. We all watched as s/he flew behind the Wilder bldg and out of sight. The watchers found the falcon eating on the lower roof of the Powers bldg. After taking a few pictures, we returned to complete our toast.

We all raised our glasses and wished our falcons good health and luck, hopefully adding many falcon babies to the Rochester family.

Here are some pictures I took and wanted to share with all of you. Happy New Year to all the Rochester Falcon Fans!

Carol P.

Ready for the 2023 Rochester Falcon Toast
One of the Rochester Falcons Joined us for the Toast
on the Wilder Chimney
The Rochester Falcon Watchers Gather for the Toast
Pat and Her Unbanded, Unnamed Friend
Pointing at the Falcon
Shaky, Our Emcee for the Festivities!
Old Watchers Susan and MAK joined Us
Talking to Susan
Lou Setting Up for the Group Picture
Awesome Group Picture!
2023 Rochester Falcon Watchers Group Picture
2023 Rochester Falcon Gathering
Dana Helping me Pass Out the BB Brandy
Successful Hunt!
Checked ST on the Way Home, Looked Big to Me, So Hopefully Billie

4 Responses to “Toasting the New Year for the Rochester Falcons 2023!”

  1. Carla Provenzano Says:

    Wonderful “New Year’s Day Falcon Toast” report, Carol. You covered everything, and topped it off with great pictures! What a fun gathering!💗

  2. Joyce Says:

    Thanks Carol. You captured it nicely. I’m so glad I could make it this year (since I drove dad back to Florida for Christmas/New Year last year). I really look forward to this. This is a special group of people and it’s great to have our love of peregrine falcons in common.

  3. Carol P. Says:

    Thanks Carla and Joyce! It was so much fun seeing everyone and a successful hunt by one of our falcons!

  4. Alison in Indiana Says:

    How about posting the recipe for Carla’s knockout grapes which everyone seemed to enjoy? Nothing I found on-line produced a result that looked like hers, so firm and sugary.

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