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Mariah’s 4th Egg Has Arrived

4 eggs
It’s hard to tell from the camera views but it looks like Mariah laid her fourth egg in the early hours of April 5, probably around 1:40AM. That’s about 57½ hours since the last egg. Will there be a fifth? Keep watching to find out!


14 Responses to “Mariah’s 4th Egg Has Arrived”

  1. Ann Marie Says:

    I captured a screenshot yesterday afternoonat approx 4:26 and it looked like she was laying an egg right then. I showed my coworker and she thought that it was maybe too soon for her to lay another. How would I send you the picture to show you?

  2. Kaoru /in JAPAN Says:

    I’m so excited to know Mariah laid her 4th egg! On the very same day, at approximately 4:32pm (Japan Time), one of Izumi & Kirara’s 4 eggs hatched!!

    Congratulations to Mariah & Kaver, and Izumi & Kirara!!!!! HAPPY DAY!!



    Live Camera:

  3. Angela Says:

    YAY I didnt even relise she layed one MORE I didnt go on the website that much but every time I did they were sitting on the eggs. Thats great that theres a fourth! I predited 5 so come on lets get another one Mariah!!! 😀

  4. debi bailey Says:

    I’m so happy !!!!!!!! Mariah and Kaver you 2 are doing a good job… I watched until 2:00 a.m. i new something was going on but she wouldn’t move so i could see….I had my first veiw at 10:30 a.m. my kids saw it first,, they watch everyday too…

  5. Kathy Villone Says:


  6. claudia Says:


  7. Carol in WA state Says:

    Oh goody! this is so exciting to watch…i hope there is a fifth egg, and won’t it be wonderful if they all hatch!

    Woohoo Mariah!!!

  8. joan Says:

    How cool to see the Japanese falcons. Thanks for posting the links !

  9. Dan Says:

    Awesome falcon link! I didn’t realize there were peregrines in Japan. And way to go Mariah! Keep ’em coming!

  10. Ann Marie Says:

    Hi Jess,
    On Monday morning I will try and send you the very GRAPHIC pic of her laying the fourth egg. How do I post this pic to you?

  11. Jess Says:

    @Ann Marie- You can email your picture to me. Just go to the bottom of the Rochester Falconcam page and click the Contact Us link!

  12. Shirley Wison Says:

    Just curious. If Mariah maintains her health and well being how long can we expect her to reproduce?


  13. Sarampa1 Says:

    Shirley, check the Imprints posting for April 1. There’s an informative article about her reproduction.

  14. Shirley Wison Says:

    Thanks Sarampa1..
    I just read the beginning and am delighted to know she doesn’t have to suffer ‘men-o-pause’ except from Kaver. The male version can be disastrous!! ;0
    .Lets hope she and her mate remain strong and healthy!…


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