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Two Hatches Overnight!

Nova and One of the Eyases!
After a quick break, Nova returns to her newly hatched eyases!
Neander was quick to leave!

Oh, my goodness! Such a surprise to wake up to the wonderful news that we had two hatches overnight! We don’t have the exact times, but Eyas #1 arrived at approximately 10:15 pm last night (4/27) and Eyas #2 arrived at approximately 3:30 am early this morning (4/28). Our hatch window was 4/27-4/29, so they’re right on schedule!

Welcome little ones!

Neander gets some time with the eyases!

3 Responses to “Two Hatches Overnight!”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    What a delight!
    I hope the other two arrive in the next couple of days.

  2. Rebecca Says:

    Thank you for posting this. It was a joy to see the eggs and then the babies.

    Rebecca A. Hahn
    Photojournalist in Minnesota

  3. bigmouse Says:

    THERE THEY ARE!!! was without internet a few days what a wonderful thing to return to

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