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Nova and Neander’s 4th Eyas Has Arrived!

At 7:51 pm our 4th and last eyas broke free to join its 3 siblings!

Eyas #4 Has Arrived
Starting to Hatch!

When Nova finally gave us a glimpse, we were able to see that something was happening with the 4th egg. On our Rfalconcam live stream watchers were delighted to watch the 4th eyas hatch under the watchful eyes of mom.

It wasn’t long before Nova moved the newly hatched eyas underneath her to join its three siblings.

This is the first time Nova and Neander have had all four eggs successfully hatch.

Tomorrow morning we should get a better look at our four eyases!

2 Responses to “Nova and Neander’s 4th Eyas Has Arrived!”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    I was so pleased to be watching as it developed and that the whole crew of regulars was watching, too.
    Looks like it was 47.5 hours after its siblings that #4 made its appearance.

  2. Eva L Says:

    So exciting! I cannot wait to see them all grow up!

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