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Gala Wrap-up, Closing the Falconcam Cameras & Site Updates

Gala Guests
The opening night Gala for the Rochester Falcons art show at the High Falls Art Gallery was a terrific success! Our many guests included fans of Mariah and Kaver from around the country, as well as New York State Senator Joe Robach. We also had a couple of very special guests– Falconer and raptor artist Al Jordan joined us with Kai, his Harris Hawk!

After a wonderful 2008 nesting season we’ve seen all five of this year’s eyases– Seneca, Diamante, Quest, Zephyr and Susan B– take to the skies of Rochester and fledge successfully. Our computer servers have captured and stored many thousands of images, and space is getting short. Since the falcons have largely left the nest box, and we are preparing to transition the camera equipment and nest box, we’ll be turning off the Rochester Falconcam’s cameras on Monday, July 7th. We’ll continue to bring you information from our on-scene volunteer watchers at the FalconWatch Blog throughout the summer. And of course, we’ll keep you up to date on all the news here at Imprints.

The Falconcam site will remain active throughout the year so that we can bring you news of Quest’s travels via her solar-powered backpack transmitter. We’ve been informed by the satellite monitoring agency that her signals are being received, and we’re preparing the website so that we can show you where she goes. We’ll begin posting updates for Quest in a few weeks, as soon as she leaves the area. Look for updates to occur at intervals of roughly a week.

Our nest box relocation committee is already hard at work, contacting local property owners and making initial surveys for possible nest sites. We’ll be working with the project leaders for the renovations at the Kodak tower on the actual date that we’ll take down the nest box. We plan to reinstall the “Kodak” box at one of the relocation sites, and to install several others as well. We’ll keep everyone updated on the progress of this important work throughout the coming months.

We’re very excited about some new Rochester Falconcam merchandise that we’ll be showcasing at our new online store. Look for more news about that soon. We’ll also be announcing some upcoming opportunities for our viewers and fans to contribute to the story of Mariah and Kaver so stay tuned!


9 Responses to “Gala Wrap-up, Closing the Falconcam Cameras & Site Updates”

  1. Alison in Austria Says:

    Thank-you, Jess

  2. Sharon Says:

    I assume you’ll locate the “real” Kodak nestbox at what everyone believes is the most logical place? Just watch . . . M&K will chose a place that you never thought they would!

    Appreciate the updates, Jess. Keep ’em coming!

  3. Kathy V Says:

    Thank you Jess, very much for all the updates, and all the fine work all of you have done, in keeping us posted. I am looking forward to any pictures and updates. I am so relieved that they all are fledging and made it to the gorge. Take care my babies.
    Hope when the nest box is removed, Mariah and Kaver will find the new location as desirable as this one has been for so many years. Looking forward to many more seasons.

  4. egon firl Says:

    job well well done Jess and all hope to see you 2009……

  5. Susan Says:

    Great job again this year! Thanks for all your hard work and efforts that allow us to follow Mariah, Kaver and their offspring!

  6. Nancy Says:


    Oh, so not mature of me, but I miss the falcons. I’ve been feeling this way for a few weeks, ever since Seneca fledged actually. No more eyases to watch. No more feedings. No more vicarious living through the Falconcam! How can another season be over already???

    Can’t wait until next year, and hopefully Mariah and Kaver will make their preference for their new nestbox location known well ahead of time so that cameras can be installed in time to give us the same views we’ve enjoyed for the past several years courtesy of Kodak. (Dare we hope for a live feed and perhaps even sound next year?) Thanks for all your hard work Jess, Kenn, Larry, Carole, Jim and the rest of the gang!

    This may seem like a rather odd request, but could you also give us the occasional picture of the outside of the Kodak building as the scaffolding goes up and the repair work starts? After all, the building has been an intimate part of the story of the falcons for so many years, and those of us not local to the area are a bit curious as to how that is all going to come about. (well I am, anyway!)

    thanks for another great falconcam season,


  7. Angela Says:

    Great job to everyone! Its been a great year! Thank you! I wish all the best to Quest, Susan B. , Seneca, Diamante, and Zephyr! I hope to see Mariah and Kaver next year at whatever building you choose for the nest box! Again, thank you to all the people who take the time to put up the website and also teach and inform us! Also, thank you to all the falcon watchers! So Thank you, and I hope to see Mariah, Kaver, and a new clutch of eggs next year! 🙂 😀 😉

  8. Rosamund Says:

    I’d like to thank all who have contributed to Mariah’s family’s welfare and safety during this and previous years. Your hard work and dedication have touched the lives of so many and encouraged interest in these birds and the environment on many levels.

    Jess, Now that the cameras have gone dark, I wonder if it would be possible to post a few pictures of the nestbox being removed for the benefit of those who may be concerned about Mariah’s reaction?

  9. Kathy V Says:

    Thank you so much for all your hard work in bringing us the updates on the 5 fledgelings. Looking forward to any photos you post and updates of our fledges. I wish them the best, long fruitful futures, as well as safety. Good luck with the new nesting box location venture, hope it works out. Will stay tuned for more updates.

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