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After the “Season”, and a Nest Box Relocation Update

Zephyr Eating Breakfast
Hopefully everyone has been following the fledglings’ antics at our FalconWatch blog. Our on-site team of watchers have provided over fifty updates so far. There are still a couple of weeks to go before the young Peregrines start moving away from the Rochester area, so keep checking the FalconWatch blog for more news in the coming days.

Our falcon relocation experts, the DEC’s Mike Allen and Barbara Loucks believe that our chances for a successful relocation are quite high, provided that we install a nest box in a location that’s within a few blocks of the current site, and that the location is one that is already familiar to the falcons. Interestingly, it doesn’t appear that we’ll need to install a lot of nest boxes– one or two boxes should be sufficient. A few Falconcam fans have made some independent inquiries and they’ve received the same information.

The Rochester Falconcam’s Nest Box Relocation Team has identified a few sites where we can place nest boxes. Led by Barbara Loucks, head biologist and manager of the statewide avian programs at the New York DEC’s Endangered Species Unit, the plan is now to install a small number of nest boxes at locations that appear to be well-suited as potential nesting sites. We’re currently working with property owners in the area to obtain the permission needed to install the nest boxes (and hopefully the Rochester Falconcam cameras too!).

Though we’ve turned off the Rochester Falconcam’s cameras, work has not yet begun on the repairs at the Kodak tower, and the nest box is still in place. We plan to remove this nest box and re-install it at the site that is likely to be accepted by Mariah and Kaver. Other nest boxes will be placed in a locations that also meets the requirements of the DEC. As the work progresses we’ll keep you updated.


15 Responses to “After the “Season”, and a Nest Box Relocation Update”

  1. June Kogut Says:

    Thanks Jess. We’re really excited to see which site Kaver and Mariah choose and hope you have falconcams in place so we CAN see it. As I’ve said before, it is sad to see “the end” of a season, but it is nice to have another one to look forward to. So thanks and thanks again.

  2. Mark Says:

    Since it looks like you’ll be only installing two potential new nest boxes I hope at least one camera can be set up at each location so they can be monitored easily next year. If funding is an issue I’m sure many of the viewers on this site a small donation.

  3. Retread Says:

    Nice effort you guys are making to give M&K nest for next year. Here’s hoping Mariah doesn’t decide to over-rule you and insist on returning to the tower.

    When I came visiting and found the cameras turned off, the reality of being blind surprised me, even though I’ve known it was coming. Please pass on my thanks to all concerned for all the years of being able to have such a great view of M&K.

    Updates on both the birds and Kodak tower repairs will be appreciated.

  4. Sally Says:

    Will the nest box be relocated on the Kodak tower after the tower repairs are completed (between nesting seasons, of course)?

  5. Lorr54 Says:

    Thank you for the update! I would love to see the progress on the building, too.

    A big thank you to everyone involved with this project every year. I look forward to watching M&K and their “children” each spring.

  6. Jess Says:

    @Sally- No long term decisions have been made. We’re very grateful for the eleven years of stewardship that Kodak has provided for Mariah and her families, but I think we’d only move the nest box back to the Kodak tower if there were a need to do so. Provided that Mariah and Kaver take to a nest box on another building, it’s unlikely there’d be a reason to move them back to Kodak after the repair work is done.

    @Mark- Your suggestion is one we’re considering as we make our decisions about the relocation.

  7. Kathy V Says:

    Thanks for letting us know what is going on. I’m glad to hear that the folks from the conservation think we should have a good chance in relocating Mariah and Kaver, successfully. For that I am greatful. Looking forward to any updates, and photos, also ones of the progress of the renovations to Kodak.

  8. Maureen in MA Says:

    I too want to thank everyone for all that you/they do. It was a great season – looking forward to the next! And yes, updates on both the fledglings and the Kodak tower repair work would be awesome. Until next year!

  9. Kathy V Says:

    Yes, as Mark said, I would be glad to make a donation, if needed, as I am sure many would also.

  10. Retread Says:

    Along with Mark and Kathy, I’d chip in a donation. The cams have been more fun than a National Geographic special.

  11. Rosamund Says:

    Thanks for keeping us informed, Jess. I sure hope property owners who’ve been approached are receptive if not enthusiastic about the prospect of hosting a nestbox. I know you all will put Mariah’s needs first should there be any limitations on use of their property. Hopefully there won’t be an objections to installing cameras.

    I understand there is streaming video of the nestbox in the lobby of the kodak tower. Is this the property of Kodak? GVAS? Or will that capability go with any future cams?

  12. Gail in Cincinnati Says:

    I have been faithfully following the falcon fledglings on the fabulous Falconwatch Blog (sorry, couldn’t resist!). The regular reports and terrific photos have kept us up-to-date on the activities of ‘our’ falcons. As Retread said, it’s ‘more fun than a National Geographic special’.

    So thank you, thank you, thank you to all that have been involved. And now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m headed over to the Falconwatch Blog to re-read Jim P.’s latest fledgling photo essay!

  13. Alison in Austria Says:

    Jess, will there be a picture of the falcons in the space where the camera image used to be? “Picture not available” is so unwelcoming and there are so many “Kodak moments” that would be good to see when one logs on.

  14. Jess Says:

    @Alison- We’re working on setting up a gallery of fledge watchers’ photos just as we did last year. We’re having a few technical problems at the moment, so the images aren’t displaying correctly. Hopefully we’ll have that fixed soon!

  15. Alison in Austria Says:

    Thank-you – much better than “not available” 🙂

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