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Mariah Injured in Territory Battle Downtown

I make this report with great regret and a heavy heart. Earlier today, watchers Carol P and Brian H witnessed a fierce territorial battle near Midtown tower between Mariah and a banded female, possibly the falcon that has been staking out a territory in the nearby town of Brighton. During the battle Mariah was seriously wounded in her shoulder. Carol & Brian retrieved her from the street and took her to a local wildlife rehabber where she is receiving care.

This news comes as quite a blow to everyone at the Rochester Falconcam, and I’m sure to all of Mariah’s many fans. We’re hoping for a good outcome, and that Mariah will once again beat the odds, but we are informed that her injuries are quite grave. We’ll keep everyone informed as soon as we learn of any information about her condition.

UPDATE: We’ve received some pictures of Mariah provided by Carol. The first one shows her on the ground following the battle. The other two show her receiving care from the rehabbers.

mariahinjured1.jpg      mariahinjured2.jpg     mariahinjured3.jpg


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54 Responses to “Mariah Injured in Territory Battle Downtown”

  1. Linda from Jamestown ND Says:

    Oh my gosh, poor Mariah. She has been having a terrible year. I sure hope our Queen recovers and can live her life, even if no more offspring can be had. I love this bird and feel so bad for all the horrible changes that have happened to her. First her home at the Kodak tower is gone, Kaver doesn’t return, and now this! BTW, whatever became of Kaver – I haven’t noticed any posts out here about where he is or if he’s been seen. My prayers going out to our Mariah. Get Well.

  2. claudia Says:

    i had no idea. i lost track of the falcons b ecause of health problems of my own….i almost don’;t want to ask, but what happened to Kaver? poor Mariah. this all makes me angry at Kodak for removing their habitat!!!! what “improvements” had to be made to the tower that were so important? look what the result has been. i am so so sad…..and i have a feeling i will be even sadder when i learn about Kaver…..

  3. The Verdict at Midtown: No Nest « Imprints Says:

    […] the territory battle that displaced Mariah it appeared to our volunteer watchers that Archer and Beauty had settled into […]

  4. Lemayrenee Says:

    These are very lucky Peregrine falcons to have such dedicated people watching over them so closely. Hope all goes well.

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