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Mariah Update

Carol reports that Mariah survived the night. She’s not out of the woods by any means but it’s a hopeful sign. She will be seen by a Veterinarian this morning to check for other injuries and to determine whether she needs surgery. There is some concern about her eyesight but it is too soon to make a determination regarding that yet. Both the rehabbers and Vet have been informed that she may be gravid, or ready to lay eggs. DEC Wildlife Technician Mike Allen has also been in contact with the rehabbers this morning.

In related news, we’ve received more details about the territory battle. It seems that Mariah was attacked by two Peregrines. Carol said that Mariah was brought down to the ground once and went back up. When she fell the second time Carol and Brian moved in to protect her from further attacks which were still being made. It seems likely that their actions saved Mariah’s life, and we’re grateful for their quick thinking and decisiveness.

The rehabbers noted that Mariah had two injuries, one sustained yesterday and another that looked recent. Watchers including Carol, Joyce Miller and Jim P traded notes about their various observations over the holiday weekend, and it seems like Mariah may have last been in command of her territory on Friday. Carol and Joyce reviewed their photos and watch observations from Saturday and both feel confident that the intruding female was at Midtown tower at that time. So Mariah may have sustained her first injury sometime after Noon on Friday, 10 April. As we saw last year and have witnessed at other sites, territory disputes like this can take place over a couple of days. This latest news appears to lend weight to an extended territory battle.

All of this leads to a lot of uncertainty. Since two falcons attacked Mariah on Sunday, could it the new tiercel have worked with the intruder to attack Mariah on Sunday? If the female intruder is the one that has been seen at the Brighton site recently, what happened to Zephyr, who was seen in her company? Unfortunately there are a lot more questions than answers at this point. Doubtless we’ll get some of those answers as time goes on. For now we’re concentrating on Mariah’s treatment and we’re hopeful for her eventual recovery.

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22 Responses to “Mariah Update”

  1. Juanita Woods Says:

    I cannot thank Carol & Brian enough for being Mariah’s guardian angels.

    Mariah is THE MATRIARCH of Rochester. An uncountable number of people worldwide were first introduced to Peregrine Falcons with Mariah. She captivated us and won our hearts and our devotion to her.

    Mariah – stay strong, oh beautiful goddess. You have the love, healing thoughts and prayers of so many of your fans.

  2. chrissy Says:

    Will someone be allowed into Midtown Tower to have a look around for any eggs Mariah may have already laid?

  3. Sherri Says:

    The news is just riveting. Thanks for the update. Is there a fund that I can donate to help with Mariah’s care? Or, should I just send a check to GVAS or Wildwings? Let us know what will help. Thanks!

  4. Kathy Says:

    Stay strong Mariah!! I hope we hear about Zephyr soon, I’m worried now.

  5. Kapi Reith Says:

    Are Brian and Carol OK? Rescuing Mariah cannot have been easy. Having seen Mariah protect here eyasses from intruding humans, I find it difficult to imagine her as calmly accepting rescue. And, from the description above, the attacking falcons were still there and in battle mode.

  6. bev. Says:

    and that is what should be happening. concentrate on Mariahs recovery.

    Thanks for the reports.
    If there ar eggs , and she lays them, what will happen???
    and I guess I have been spelling Kavers name wrong. Not intentional. I thought that was how it was spelled sorry. No one has ever said anything to me

  7. Jess Says:

    @Sherri – WildWings is not involved at this time in Mariah’s care. Donations can be sent to GVAS. You can find the address and a link to our PayPal account here:

    Please indicate that your donation is for Mariah’s care. We appreciate everyone’s support and we’ll make sure all the donations get to the caregivers and Mariah’s rehab team!

    @bev – If Mariah lays any eggs they could be collected and fostered or incubated. We’re already working with the DEC and the vets on that issue.

    @Kapi – Both Brian and Carol are OK, though as you can imagine they are as concerned as everyone else. Mariah was in shock at the time of her rescue and she didn’t object. Carol was able to pick her up and Brian wrapped her in his jacket. Of course, at the time they weren’t even sure it was Mariah they were rescuing. It was only afterward that watchers were able to confirm her ID.

    @chrissy – The DEC and some of our watchers went up to the top of Midtown tower last week to look for a scrape and didn’t find one. It’s possible she laid an egg or two but no one is sure.

  8. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Wow, two against one! that is very unusual in the falcon scheme of things. Mostly it is either male against male or female against female and the winner takes territory and mate.
    The fact that she allowed herself to be picked up speaks volumes about the extent of her injuries and the determination of her rival for pride of place.
    If she were to lay an already forming egg, it is comforting to know that fostering/incubation is being worked on.
    Now the watchers have two sets of bands to read, those of the unknown tiercel and of the victorious falcon. [sigh]

  9. June Kogut Says:

    With tears in my eyes I write to thank the rescuers ..This has been a very difficult spring for all (Mariah, Kaver, the Nubo, the watchers and rescuers, those who baited the scrape, and all of us on the net watching in hopes of another successful family for our amazing Mariah) and she is “OURS” by reason of our caring. That is also amazing, that so many people around the world care….:-(

  10. chrissy Says:

    Thank you, Jess. Good to know. Of particular concern is Mariah’s visual problems. Lacerations will heal but a head injury can be serious. Did watchers observe a collision with a building during the battle?

    As we wait for a prognosis a lot of people are concerned with long-term options for Mariah. Even if she is releasable, doing so would certainly mean another battle since the new pair have taken possession of her territory. It’s going to be a tough call no matter what. Sending blessings.

  11. bev. Says:

    Thank-you , Jess for your answer, regarding eggs.
    this is all so unsettling but I am glad she is receiving good care.
    I will come back here later for the address and send a donation.

  12. Val G Says:

    I am new to falcon watching and have been so interested in all that has been taking place for Mariah and Kaver and the other visiting falcons. I have become so entranced with everything about Mariah.

    I am in such disbelief about Mariah’s unfortunate situation. I have been watching faithfully to see if she took to the new location of the nest box on the Powers Building. I do hope and pray she survives this misfortune. Would it be possible for her to stay in captivity?

  13. brenda in Florida Says:

    Quite difficult to hear the news that Mariah was attacked (she seems so invincible) but so glad that Carol and Brian were there for her. Thanks to all involved for the info and the updates. Let’s hope our girl shows us once again how strong she is.

  14. Maureen in MA Says:

    Thank you, Jess for the update. And again, thank you, Carol P. and Brian, for your efforts, and the “rehabbers” too. Whatever her fate, Mariah couldn’t be in better hands with all of your care and efforts.

  15. Amy V. Says:

    All the falcon watchers here in Rochester and elsewhere are indebted to Carol and Brian for rescuing Mariah. And a huge thank you to the rehabbers and vet(s) working on her. What a strange and sad turn of events. I send all healing wishes to Mariah. If she is gravid, how likely is it that the shock of the attack and the injuries would prevent her from actually laying the eggs?

  16. monica Says:

    I am so thankful for Carol and Brian , being there at the right moment. Mariah must’ve been really hurt, for her to let humans rescue her. How awful to be watching that all happen. Mariah is the queen of our sky here in rochester. All the best for her recovery, and to the team taking care of her.

  17. Janimare Says:

    Why are you still associated w/Kodak– saw logo on your donation site. They are ultimately responsible for all of this happening. They should not be on your site.

  18. Jess Says:

    @Janimare – We realize that you’re upset about what has happened to Mariah but Kodak’s need to move the nest box had nothing to do with it. Last year Mariah fought a territory battle at the Kodak tower. Increasing Peregrine populations and competition for nesting sites are the causes, nothing more.

    What we are seeing here is nature at its most basic level. It sometimes appears brutal, but that is how the species continues to go from strength to strength with each passing generation. It is improper to blame Kodak, which remains an important partner in our program and has been a very generous contributor to our efforts here in Rochester.

  19. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Kodak has its name rightly on the rfalconcam website because they are Kodak cameras that we use to watch the action (or wold have if the falcons had cooperated and moved into one of the two new condos that were offered). Also a large number of the techies are Kodak people. Kodak originally was very generous with time off for falconcam activities, enormous server space and bandwidth was devoted to the project, but they are struggling mightily in this economy (I am a shareholder and my shares, bought out of appreciation for the Kodak falconcam which was, are down over 80%!) and now the old tower needs renovation so as not to cause accidents to passersby – the nest box relocation had to be.

  20. Melissa in MA Says:

    Thanks to Carol and Brian for being there
    and taking decisive action that saved
    what turned out to be Mariah’s life.

  21. J.L. Says:

    Lost in this battle of nature is the fact that a stronger and younger pair of falcons are taking over the skies of Rochester. Survival of the fittest ! These newbies need your good wishes and caring. They will fill your springs with happiness for years to come!

  22. Janimare Says:

    Kodak is not in trouble just because of the economy and falcons or other birds for that matter are not particularly know for their cooperation with human decisions.

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