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The Latest On Mariah’s Condition

Mike Allen has sent us another update from the vets in Syracuse who are taking care of Mariah…

Mariah is improving every day. The Dr. came here yesterday and reapplied the skin glue to both her neck wound and wing wound. We measured the neck wound and it had decreased in size to 1/2″ X 1/2″. We actually measured it with a ruler. It is very scabbed over and nice new granulation tissue is growing around it. At some point we will remove the torn flap of skin on her patagium, but wanted that to heal better first.

She will continue to have small cage rest for a couple of weeks and then we will move her to an outside mew. I bought a soft, shock absorbing yoga mat and tacked it onto a 10″ wide piece of plywood and covered it with new Astroturf. We are screwing it to the top of a large perch so that she has a flat surface to stand on, since peregrines are cliff dwelling birds.

She loves the fresh quail we got her this week and she readily takes all her Baytril twice daily. She is a wonderful little patient. The doctor also looked at her eyes yesterday and found no visual impairment. We have not x-rayed her since she is showing no signs of any fractures anywhere. Legs, wings, feet etc. are working well. She cast a pellet yesterday that was as long as a lemon. We will keep you posted.

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54 Responses to “The Latest On Mariah’s Condition”

  1. Pirkko Kuronen Says:

    We have our differences, that’s clear, but I think what unites us is our affection for Mariah, so let’s focus on the positive, which includes getting Mariah well enough (150%) to return to the “real world”. If given the choice, Mariah would probably want to get back there and kick that Beauty’s rear end, but that’s my human interpretation of the situation. Many thanks to the veterinarians and all others involved in Mariah’s recovery, but also to everyone else who just plain cares about her and her future. She is a tough bird (in all the positive senses of that expression), so I am not worried about her in the short term.

  2. chicki Says:

    okay, not to be impatient….BUT I AM! What’s happening, Mariah? How many quail notches have you put on your yoga pad? How many wounds have healed? How many have you inflicted on your caregivers (*grin*)? Be kind to them, for alas they are lowly humans (*BIG grins*).

  3. Beth Says:

    Cant someone please give us an update on Mariah. Its been over a week since we have heard anything. All of us on this site would be grateful for a few words of how she is doing. There are alot of people concerned. We know her caregivers are very busy but please a little good news would go a long way. Thanks

  4. Jess Says:

    Sorry Chicki and Beth, but you’re barking up the wrong tree. We can’t post an update until we receive one from the DEC, who has to receive it from the vet’s office. So until they send us something I’m afraid we’ll all just have to be patient.

    I’m sure if there were any change in Mariah’s condition for the worse we’d hear about it right away. I’d take this as a case of “No news is Good news”.

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