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Quest Heads West, And How!

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Intermittent problems with our email system have kept us from getting updates from Quest’s transmitter. So you can imagine our surprise when we started looking at the data earlier today and found that she left Cape Cod around April 27!

On seeing her location in Vermont, the first thing we did was to double-check the data. Sure enough, she’s was moving west. Our next thought was that she might be making a day trip. She’d done that in the past after all. We received no useful data for the 28th, but the next day found her near Ausable Forks in New York’s vast Adirondack State Park. Then, the big leap, traveling over 300 miles (500 km) into Canada, where she was tracked near Allison, Ontario, about 50 miles (80 km) north of Toronto!

So it looks like she’s decided seven months in New England was enough. We’ll keep a close watch on her. Now that she’s on the move, she could end up anywhere!

19 Responses to “Quest Heads West, And How!”

  1. Donna Says:

    Yikes!!!!!!!!!! Don’t come home Quest. She is definitely on the move. Canada, oh boy. Hope she finds a good spot with no problems. Fingers crossed now.


  2. Aussie Francie Says:

    Looks as though Quest is a very wise girl. She built up her strength, and abilities in an easy area, before setting off on a journey.

    Hoping one day to hear about her having a mate and family.

    God speed Quest.

  3. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Canada is a good place for Rochester falcons. Wouldn’t mind having her in Indiana either, but that would displace some old favorites and we can’t have that 🙂

  4. sandynl Says:

    She is a strong falcon, and i believe in her.
    Keep it save my dear Quest.

  5. chicki Says:

    Places to go, People (falcons) to see. Hey, maybe she thinks Canadian males are a hardier breed? I’d travel more too if I could fly myself there! It’s great to hear she’s strong and able. But then, she has her mama’s genes.

  6. Melissa in MA Says:

    This is so fascinating to watch; wow, what a journey
    she has made….I am sure she enjoyed her time on
    the Cape and is ready to see more of the country…

  7. Carla Oliveira Says:

    How exciting for her and nerve-wrecking for us!! Quest is almost a year old! I only wish we could have gotten arecent photo of her during last days, weeks at the Cape.

  8. pam Says:

    interesting for sure. What causes a falcon to suddenly make a major move like this. I know its all instinct but what triggers it? The Cape has abundant food and the weather is improving. Maybe she doesnt like the warmer weather??

  9. Judy Says:

    If I remember weren’t there some early questionalble transmissions that Quest had been in the Quebec area before she headed for the cape? Maybe they were correct. Let’s hope that Quest and her transmitter stay well and healthy over the summer so that we will be able to cover her winter migration again.

  10. Kathy Says:

    Maybe she wanted to stop in and visit her sister Rhea Mae and congratulate her on the birth of her newest brood and now she is out looking for Linn 🙂

  11. June Kogut Says:

    We on the Cape say farewell and fare ye well. The Cape is a milder (not mild ) place to winter over. Smart Quest. Now she’s looking for adventure and LIFE.. I too hope we can keep up with her and maybe see some more pictures one of these days. These Rochester falcons keep us interested one way or the other. YAHOO !!!

  12. Pirkko in Toronto Says:

    Welcome to Canada, Quest!!!

  13. Kathy V Says:

    That is so cool, she really likes to travel, and so many miles in a day. I’m glad she is well, …take care Quest…

  14. Barb Says:

    This is wonderful that we can watch her travels and nerve wracking at the same time. Be safe Quest.

  15. Maureen in MA Says:

    Wowee! What a surprising post, but exciting too! As several have said, nerve wracking at the same time. Safe travels to Quest as she starts the next chapter of her young life. So much ahead of her to look forward to!

  16. Barbara in WA Says:

    Oh how interesting !! I look forward to watching her travels, learning more about peregrine behavior. Thanks for keeping us posted !!

  17. Paul Says:

    Thanks, Jess!
    As one rfalconcammer noted, “You never can tell with a Peregrine Falcon!”


  18. JenP Says:

    Whee she came within 60 miles of us up here in Northern NY!!

  19. John Carlos Says:

    You know, I wonder about juvies and their ability to remember where they were hatched. Is it possible that she was trying to return to Rochester and didn’t quite remember the exact way? It would be one thing if we didn’t have any females here… but with 81/V and Archer here with Mariah to be potentially released at the end of breeding season, maybe coming home is not such a great idea… LOL! Unless, of course, she can clear the territory for her mother to retake control without a squabble.

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