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Quest Goes On A Boomerang Border Hop

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Quest showed complete disdain for citizenship and international borders over the past week or so as she hopped back and forth between Canada and the US. She spent the evening of the 1st and the following morning in the small town of Wilson New York– coincidentally the home town of Falconcam team member Jim Pisello– before zipping over to Port Bruce, Ontario as she continued her westward trek.

On the fourth she was 185 miles (300 km) to the southwest in Napoleon, Ohio. Then, the boomerang part. She went back east, spending two days near Locust Point, a few miles east of Toledo, Ohio. On the 7th she went northeast to Guelph, Ontario, about 45 miles (70 km) west of Toronto. Her most recent moves were north to the edge of Nottawasaga Bay, where she has spent the past couple of days.

It looks like Quest is restless, and she’s really taking the time to explore. Her activity is a good sign, and the fact that she’s moving long distances– sometimes hundreds of miles in a day– indicates that she’s fit and healthy. Keep watching along with us to see where she goes next!

21 Responses to “Quest Goes On A Boomerang Border Hop”

  1. Kris G. Says:

    WOW! You go Quest! This is getting very interesting! She certainly is showing her strength.

  2. Kathy V Says:

    I sure will, and thank you that update. Quest is quite a fit and remarkable girl.

  3. mary Says:

    Woo-Hoo, you go, girl!

  4. Donna Says:

    Amazing Quest! Thank you.

  5. chicki Says:

    She’s making her Mama proud! and showing good taste in her travel spots. Wintering over on the Cape has proven to be a healthy choice – those must have been some tasty bird foods!

  6. Maureen in MA Says:

    Very exciting news indeed!! Quest is truly living up to her name 😀 Great post, thank you!

  7. Deborah Loudenslager Says:

    WOW! She has good stock in her that’s for sure! I hope all the sibs are doing as well and the fab four sisters from 2007! Thanks for the great updates on her!

  8. Melissa in MA Says:

    Like Maureen said, she certainly is living up to her name! How
    adventurous she is! And these long journeys being indicative
    of her health is great news!! : )

  9. Tom Says:

    I guess this means she won’t be a mommy this year herself.

  10. Lorr54 Says:

    Thank you! I, too, hope all of the kids are doing as well.

  11. June Kogut Says:

    Mariah has so much to be proud of, besides her own amazing strength…Quest is really doing her bit to prove the amazingly adventuous nature of the peregrine…Aren’t we lucky to be following along.? Are we learnig things about the breed with all this following we’re doing?

  12. John Carlos Says:

    Ooooh! Maybe she’s enroute to becoming a Chicago Peregrine! She might be right in the area as we speak! Downtown Chicago is FULL of prey but I DO know that there are residing Peregrines there… If Quest likes the city, hopefully she picks an area not necessarily within the territory of the pair I’ve read about in that city.

  13. AJ Says:

    Where is the update on Mariah?? She was supposed to see the vet this past Tuesday.

    I can’t find where Quest is on the map!


  14. Barb Says:

    Way to go Quest. You weren’t too far from me a few days ago. Be safe.

  15. Betsy Whelehan - OHIO Says:

    I am so happy for Quest = but what ever happened to ” Diamante “?

    no info found anywhere –

  16. Alison in Indiana Says:

    No news is good news, Betsy. We mostly hear about the falcons when someone turns in a band from a dead bird.
    Believe me, if there were information on any of the Rochester falcons, it would not be kept from us.

  17. Ei Says:

    Speaking of knowing the whereabouts of other “babies”…this just in from the Canadian Peregrine Foundation…Linn (2007) has been positively ID’d again as part of a pair at the Bell Building in Scarborough Ont. Apparently courtship is just getting under way there, so stay tuned for a more details…

  18. Betsy Whelehan - OHIO Says:

    Dayton OHio has 3 babies – they have been banded 2 boys & 1 girl go to boonshoft museum to – they have a video speed you see them in real life and they learn to walk and are fed from the parents.

  19. OliverPinkStuff Says:

    !!! We have some history on the new adult female!

    May 19, 2009 – Burlington/Hamilton Canada – Lift Bridge

    Mark Nash Reports:

    With a huge thank you once again to Juanita, we have some history on the new adult female at the Burlington Bridge nest site.. Black K over Green 83 was hatched in Dayton Ohio USA in 2006 from a nest site on the At&T building. Her name is Cirrus.

  20. Betsy Whelehan - OHIO Says:

    Great News about the Dayton Girl – Cirrus – I have asked if Ohio will be tracking any ofthe falcons and they have no plans at this time. – thanks for the update

  21. Debbie H. Says:

    Is there an update on Quest? His she in the same place? Thanks!!

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