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Great News From Mariah’s Caretakers!

Mike Allen from the DEC forwarded this very positive update from Mariah’s caretakers.

“The doctor was here today and we got a very good look at Mariah’s wing and neck. All the scabs on her wing have dropped off and she has beautiful skin that has grown where they were. Her neck has a big scab that is all dried up and is ready to just fall off. The skin underneath looks great. Mariah’s feathers are in perfect condition. When the time comes, we expect it will be a wonderful release. I love these happy ending stories.”

Very good news!


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41 Responses to “Great News From Mariah’s Caretakers!”

  1. Janie Says:

    Great News! Mariah will be back in the skies soaring free ! Lalalalala Happy Dance


  2. chicki Says:

    I’m joining Janie in the Happy Dance. Mariah is certainly my inspiration! A big Thank You for all that have given so much time in her life. I have so many questions about when, where, how…her release…but, I understand mother nature has her own answers. Just keep gobbling quail, Mariah!

  3. jeanne Says:

    I am very happy our Mariah is doing well. And grateful to Mike for these updates. I hope there is a happy ending. However, I am very nervous about a release. We hoped that Mariah would change areas when Kodak removed the box. That did not happen. Releasing her, out of the area if that is the plan, means nothing. She knows this area. Saying this is nature is, in my opinion, a cop out. To Mariah, this is her town. (To many of us, it is her town too) but she has lost this territory. I think releasing her to a probable battle and possible death is not “nature” it is cruel.

    I cannot imagine the skies without her in them but I can’t bear to have her harmed by something that is so certain. She has been through enough. And I have heard about nature’s destruction of nest sites and all of that. This was not nature’s destruction. I’m tired of sugar coating what has transpired with the nestsite for this beautiful falcon. Archer and his mate have chosen Midtown and that building will come down. One year of a site is different than 12. They were not lured to that site with a box, they chose it themselves. Very different situation

  4. Carol Says:


  5. Alison in Indiana Says:

    A box is a convenience, but it is not an effective lure, jeanne. Otherwise all the other boxes that have been put up around Rochester (with sufficient room for falcon hunting territory) would be occupied.
    I am pleased tht Mariah is doing so much better. She is not a young bird, but a strong one.
    The chances are good that Mariah will try to reclaim her territory – Zenith also battled for her territory year after year when she returned from migration. Scott and the other fans would have given anything to have saved her after the last (second in as many years, as I recall) with SW, but to end in single combat with another falcon is indeed nature (much more nature than flying into a building, vehicle or powerline). If that is to be Mariah’s fate after release, then it will be. It would definitely not be nature’s way to have her standing all day in a bird park, even though she has much to offer as a teaching bird, or even a foster mother for eggs that would be hacked when hatched. (I do not think they do that in New York – the population is doing fairly well, the territory battles prove that).

  6. Barb Says:

    I am so glad Mariah is doing well. I am sure it will quite awhile before she is ready to be released. By then Archer and Beauty will be done with raising there brood and maybe migrateing. Mariah is amazing, she is one of a kind so she just might rewrite the books by rewinning her territory from a younger falcon. She would have more of a chance if there was just one I admit. (remember it took two to bring her down). I do agree that I don’t think she would have lost in the first place if the nest was still on the Kodak building, she knew how to defend that area. Midtown has too many places for an ambush. I do fear for her but to keep her in a cage just so we feel better knowing she is safe is not fair to her. She is a free spirit and I am sure is just waiting to feel the wind in her feathers again. Thanks to all who have worked on her rescue.

  7. Betsy Whelehan - OHIO Says:

    I am of the beleif that Mariah will stay in the Rochester Area and without putting a tracker on her and releasing her in Canada or somplace farther she may survive. Thanks to all of those who keep this sight live and updated. I will be in Rochester in August and hope to see sightings of some amazing birds. Dayton OHIO has a apair of Bald Eagles with 2 young ones – Google the news ” dayton bald eagles – great pictures

  8. Deborah Loudenslager Says:

    I’m sure thousands have been praying for Mariah’s recovery and God’s blessed her -‘His eye is on the sparrow and I know He’s watching Mariah’ – Her territory is Rochester and chances are she will return…Let’s keep those prayers being said that she is kept protected from more attacks. Thanks again to all the caregivers that saved her life which sounds too simple so say for such an huge wonderful task of love that was done for her. God Bless you Mariah!

  9. Melissa in MA Says:

    Great news about Mariah……….she has a strong body as
    well as a strong spirit…….I am sure those taking care of
    her will consider all the options when it comes time to
    release her.

  10. Maureen in MA Says:

    Very good news indeed!! Thank you, Jess, for the update!

  11. Barb C Says:

    Go Mariah. A big thank you to all of her caretakers and the wonderful people who keep us updated. ………… I hope that they will wait until after the nesting season to release her so that she will have plenty of time before she has to fight for a territory. I have no doubt that she will return to Rochester next year but by then hopefully she will be back in peak condition. If we are really lucky and God and the falcons are willing, maybe next year we will have two nesting pairs far enough apart not to threaten each other.

  12. Joan McC Says:

    Wonderful Mariah! What a trooper! I do hope she’s not released for a while, at least until our current residents are finished raising their babies. I’d sure hate to see her get into another fight – she might not be so lucky next time. Thanks to all those terrific and devoted people who are taking such good care of her.

  13. Tim Says:

    Thanks for the update Jess. That is absolutely great!

  14. Terri Says:

    Question for Jess-
    I join everyone with heartfelt concern for Mariah’s future. I’m from the Rochester area and Mariah (and Kaver) have always been near and dear to our hearts. Since a release for Mariah is a possibility, alot could be learned from the outcome of this release. Is there any thought of a tracking device, like Quest’s, to be put on Mariah?

  15. Lorr54 Says:

    WooHoo!!!! Thank you to everyone taking care of Mariah!

  16. Kathy V Says:

    Oh…thank you all so much for the great news. She IS a strong falcon,indeed. The folks that are caring for her are wonderful people who know their stuff, thank you. Does this mean you, or they are looking to releasing M? Do they think she will be able to handle herself, if God forbid another falcon attacks? Knowing she is a wild creature, and I guess the only fair thing is to let nature take its course and do what is best.

  17. Kathy V Says:

    Right on Jeanne…

  18. Phyllis Ray Says:

    Like everyone else I am delighted that Mariah is healing well.
    I am not delighted that plans are being made to release her.
    Mariah is now an old lady with many children, grands, and even g-g-g-grands +.
    Exactly what is the point of healing her only to release her because she will try and reclaim her territory – and has no chance against a much younger female and that females mate.
    To heal her and send her out to do battle and most likely die is cruel. Let her remain safe and well fed for the few years of her life span that are left. She is entitled to a calm, well fed retirement.

  19. ezsha Says:

    I’m delighted that Mariah is doing so well!

    I also hope she is released, and am very optimistic about her chances. She will have had a year’s sabbatical from child rearing, so her body should be in the best shape of her adult life – no demands of calcium from her bones for egg laying and all the quail she can eat should restore her and possibly put her in even a better condition than any other free bird her age. I’m sure she will be allowed to strengthen her wings before she is released, so I truly see her being much stronger than when she was attacked.

    Mariah will have the best advantages humans can provide her in her quest to survive as a free and soaring spirit. Let us give her her freedom to see if she can once again fulfill the legend the Kingston Trio set out for her.
    “Maria(h) blows the stars around
    And sends the clouds aโ€™flyinโ€™”

  20. June Kogut Says:

    Three cheers for Mariah …AND for Jess keeping us all in the loop. I fear for her in the “wild” but that is her place. A safe cage would just be a long death. It is so very much a decission for the professionals.

    Thanks to them for all the choices they’ve made so far !!!

  21. Barb C Says:

    Jess, Obviously her caretakers can’t let everyone know ahead of time her release date, they would have half of western NY there. However, do you think that yourself or someone else involved with the program could be there to take and post pictures? It will be a great moment to record.

  22. Audrey (London UK) Says:

    Happy news indeed re the beautiful Mariah. Like so many, many others, I have sorely missed her.

  23. Debbie P. Says:

    Barb C: you must have read my mind – I was also wondering if we may get to see pictures of Mariah flying free again!

    Jess: What do you think – possibility?
    Thank you so much for the great news & all the updates, really appreciate knowing about her recovery!

  24. hawkfur Says:

    i haven’t been on in a while, what happened to mariah?

  25. Nancy in UT Says:

    I am so thrilled to hear that she is recovering so well. I also share the concerns of many about what might befall her after her release. However, this is nature, in all its glory, (or gory details, as it may be) and majesty. Whatever happens to Mariah is pretty much what would happen to her in the wild, it is just that we are witness to it in this case.

    I hope for a successful outcome after her release, and join in the thanks to all who have so lovingly watched her and documented her life, and those who are taking such excellent care of her now.

    Jess, I also hope that you can take pictures at her release and post them on imprints. (and I personally hope she is banded so we have a better chance of knowing where she ends up if it is not in Rochester, although I can’t imagine she’d head anywhere else.)

    Nancy in UT

  26. Sam Says:


    What woudl you suggest for Mariah since it sounds like you don’t agree with the option of releasing her? If you have a better plan I am sure this community would love to hear it and get behind it if it makes more sense & is a viable option for Mariah.

    I am also interested to know what would you have done differently since you seem to implicate the change in the Kodak Tower nest site as a contributing factor in Mariah’s travails.

  27. Rock Says:

    I do believe it would be great if the DEC could band Mariah so we could possibly follow her after release. Transmitters are very expensive I have been told.

  28. Beth Z Says:

    Thanks for the continued great updates on Mariah. Yes, we all truly miss seeing her. I wonder if with the next update it would be to much to ask for a picture of her? It really would be great to see her again. Wishing and praying for a full recovery.

  29. Amy V. Says:

    For those who need their daily quota of peregrines feeding their chicks, and other family life, the 55 Water Street website with the streaming video is absolutely fantastic: http://www.55water.com/falcons/birdcam.htm
    You can even see their feathers rustling in the wind! Enjoy.

  30. Barb Says:

    Pictures of Mariah would be great. I am so glad she is healing. But how is she acting? Calm, anxious, depressed, content? Is she still the model patient or is she asserting herself?

    One other question I have to ask…


  31. Nancy in UT Says:


    I echo Beth & Barb’s request! Just this morning I was wondering (if it isn’t too much trouble) could Mike A send along a picture of Mariah? I know they have a lot to keep them busy there and have better things to do than take care of Mariah fanatics, but it would be so nice to see a picture of “our girl.”

    Nancy in UT

  32. Maureen in MA Says:

    To echo Amy V., here is another link to a site showing 2 peregrines feeding their chicks 5 chicks. On this page there is a link to their live streaming video: http://www.dep.state.pa.us/dep/falcon/

  33. chrissy Says:

    It’s so good to know Mariah’s healing so nicely!

    While Mike Allen refers to Mariah’s release I don’t see anything in his report to indicate it would be any time soon. I’m picturing bare spots where her wounds were. Won’t she have to grow feathers over those areas?

    In a recent article covering Mike releasing a bald eagle juvie near Ithaca they mention the rehabbers kept her for five months. In an interview they explain they knew it was time to release her because she was injuring herself trying to escape from her mew. Hope Mariah’s a bit more patient. http://tiny.cc/98jXf

  34. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Thank-you, Carol P, for the falconwatch update on the new pair. It would seem that the building’s owners are not as cooperative as hoped about installing a camera to peek into where you think the scrape might be.

  35. Maureen in MA Says:

    @chrissy – Good article on Mike Allen and the eagle juvie. Thanks for sharing it!

  36. Ronald Boucher Says:

    Let’s sing “Wind Beneath My Wings” song when she is released! ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. AJ Says:

    Wow! I missed this whole segment. I looked for a report but it hadn’t come yet.
    I too hope that they band Mariah while they have a chance. If you don’t release M until migration time then the others will be traveling or a least not defending their territory.

    Could we also have a picture of the new birds too. I understand there is no camera but you had one earlier. It might ease the emptiness.

    Thanks to all.

  38. Beth Z Says:

    I dont know about anyone else, but I am hoping for another update on Mariah. I’m sure she is continuing her recovery but a few good words would go a long way. All these years it was a part of our lives watching her & Kaver raise their young. We just miss them. The quote “out of sight, out of mind” is not happening. We would appreciate any little bit of good news.

  39. jeanne Says:

    Sam, I have not been on this for a while so did not read your comment to me. What I would have done differently was to have had a nestbox go up as soon as the nestbox on kodak went down so that Mariah and Kaver could have done their end of season ritual in the box. That was not done because there were box negotiations. MAybe that would not have made a difference but I don’t think we can say that for sure. As for a release, I just don’t know. Mariah lost a territorial battle for her 12 year territory.

  40. Alison in Indiana Says:

    A box is not so important, location is everything. Mariah and Kaver would probably not recognize “their” box at another location.

  41. chrissy Says:

    It might be worth a mention that we get our reports on Mariah’s progress from Mike Allen who, at this time, is on the road banding our NYS eyases and may not have time to check email. Since he drives to each location his schedule’s pretty rigorous with press, guests, local officials often present. At the end of the day, he’s usually rewarded with bloodied fingers from bites and scratches from squirming falcon babies :). I’m sure he’ll send us the latest on Mariah when he can.

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