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Results of the Rochester Falcon Naming Poll

The envelope please (drum roll)…..

In third place with 63 votes was: Let’s change her name to honor her new home in Rochester.

Second place with 90 votes goes to: Let’s do a bit of both, give her a new name but combine it with her original one.

And the winner by an overwhelming majority, with 740 votes is: I like the name “Beauty” just as it is.

She was called Beauty by the watchers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and will continue to be called Beauty by the Rochester Falconcam community.

So the falcon watching continues in Rochester with our new pair now officially known as Archer and Beauty. Local watchers have reported seeing activity that resembles active incubation, but only Archer and Beauty know for sure.

Be sure to go into the Falcon Watch section to read the reports from the Rochester Watchers.

26 Responses to “Results of the Rochester Falcon Naming Poll”

  1. Kathy A. Says:

    YEAH! Long live Beauty of Rochester

  2. Maureen in MA Says:

    That’s great! Thank you for taking the time to poll everyone.

  3. Terri Says:

    Beauty is a great name and it also shows respect to those in Pittsburgh who gave her this name.
    Jess- Will this name be made “official” now in the NY falcon registery with her band ID number although she was born in PA and they don’t register falcon names?

  4. Barb C Says:

    Beauty she is both in name and body.

  5. pam Says:

    It’s a beauty of a name!

  6. Sarah Says:

    thanks to the Rochester falcon team for all you have done for Mariah, and our new pair. Are there any plans to band Beauty and Archcers eyas??

  7. Betsy Whelehan - OHIO Says:

    Let the Vote stand – She is the only Beautry of Pittsburg – now a Rochester resident. Pennsylvania should be proud thier nature girl has landed in our town and now expanding the family blood line of Mariah

  8. Karen Says:

    I hope the next news is that my Beauty is a Mom. I know you folks in Rochester will take good care of her. She’s a lucky girl.

  9. Kathy Says:

    Can;t wait to hear if Archer and Beauty have some wee ones!

  10. Audrey- UK Says:

    Beauty she was, and Beauty she still is…brilliant!!

  11. Kathy V Says:

    Thats great…its a fitting name. Wish they had used one of the nesting boxes, instead on a ledge, or whatever. Waiting to hear about the eyesas.Thanks..

  12. Angela Says:

    Welcome to Rochester Beauty!!! 😉

  13. Judy Says:

    Two questions. Does anyone have information on the Water Street birds that were banded last week? I can only get the web cam at that sight now.
    Also, for Linda Woods. Would it be possible to close in a couple of sides and cover the Mt. Sinai nest box. It seems to me that as it is right now it would be difficult to defend from predetors and protect from the elements.
    Just a thought.

  14. Barb Says:

    Don’t know where else to put this…

    Where is QUEST!!!!!

  15. pam Says:

    I’m confused about what is happening with Archer and Beauty. The Falcon Watch page has updates from people watching (No comments appear to be allowed on that site?). Are there eggs/eyases in a nest or not? Has anyone actually seen a nest or eggs?

  16. Carol P. Says:

    Pam – Beauty and Archer are currently incubating eggs on a narrow ledge on the east side of Midtown Plaza. Due to the location, we are unable to verify how many eggs. There is no nest box or nest tray. They did not choose any of the two nest boxes that were installed by the DEC and the Rochester Falconcam Team.

    Currently, the Rochester Watchers are keeping an eye on the behavior of Archer and Beauty. We should know when the eyases hatch. Their behavior would change from taking turns sitting on the eggs to bringing food to the eyases.

    Also, we are unable to see the nest site from the street.

    Hope this helps.

    Interesting that you can’t leave a comment. I’ll check into that.

    Carol P.

  17. Alison in Indiana Says:

    There have been no comments possible on the Falconwatch site since the fora were moved to a new server. WordPress seems to have left its “tail” behind 🙂
    There was some talk earlier about being ABLE to put in a camera to observe the site without disturbing the birds, but apparently the people who make the final decisions have decided against it. This is very disappointing.

  18. pam Says:

    Thanks for the info Carol and Alison. I guess I am a bit spoiled. I was used to so much info about what was happening with M&K, now we don’t have much at all. It is all a bit disappointing after so many exciting years.

  19. Tom Says:

    Carol, is the nest in a location where the DEC could capture and band them, or is that out of the question?

  20. Tom Says:

    And could someone post a google map/satellite thingy so we can get an idea of where they are nesting?

  21. Carol P. Says:

    Alison – Sorry to say that the decision was made not to put a camera on the Midtown nest site.

    Pam – Right now it’s just a wait and see situation. I’m sure if there is any indication that eyases have hatched, the reports will be more numerous. As of today, incubation is still happening.

    Tom – We’ve been told there will be no banding this year, due to the location. I’ll try to put an album of current pictures together to give everyone an idea of what is going on.

    It’s certainly been different this year. 🙂

    Carol P.

  22. Diane D. Says:

    I agree with keeping the name Beauty. Also, thanks for your updates as well as special thanks to all the WATCHERS. Their reports are great and I appreciate their efforts on all of our behalf. they keep us well informed. Thanks again.

  23. Marilyn Says:

    Where are the updates on QUEST??

  24. Barb Says:

    Quest…Where is she now? Is she alive and well? Is she staying safe? ie out of other falcons territories.

    Mariah how is she? Did the other scab fall off? Is she happy & content or does she want OUT lol. A few words would be nice. PLEASE

  25. Kris G. Says:

    I know how frustrated you feel, Marilyn and Barb. I’ve also asked about Quest and am concerned as there’s been no update since the 11th. I also wonder about Mariah although she was doing well last we heard.

  26. DianaR Says:

    As to the camera at the Midtown site – it would not have been possible to install a camera DURING the nesting season without disturbing the falcons, and before the nesting season no one knew where they would select for their scrape, so I can’t see that it would ever have been possible.

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