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Mariah Has Been Released! Update! She’s baaacckk!

We have some very good news from our friend Mike Allen at the DEC. First a note released to the Rochester Watchers from June Summers, GVAS.

“Mariah was released on Tue., May 26 at approximately 3:30 p.m. in the Montezuma Wetland Complex. She is in good health and headed North upon release. She has new bling, a US Fish and Wildlife band on her right leg which has been covered with blue tape with a yellow racing stripe in the middle. Carol Phillips commented that, “Mariah is free to be a Peregrine again.” Carol is right, Mariah is back where she belongs in the wild. So please keep your eyes open when you are downtown.”

and this from Mike Allen………………..

“She was released on the Montezuma wetlands complex at approximately 3:30 PM on Tuesday, May 26th. We chose that site (approximately 45 miles from home) because of the diverse food availability there. I would not be surprised if she might take a day or 2 to re-acclimate to the wild before making her next move. As far as the release itself was concerned we were almost looking for smoke from her tail feathers as she came out of the transfer box like her tail was on fire so I can honestly say that she neither hesitated nor struggled to fly..”

Mariah has been banded with a USFW silver band. Mike covered the band in blue tape with a yellow racing stripe. This will make it easier for the Rochester Watchers to ID her if she returns to Rochester.

We here at the Rochester Falconcam would like to thank Mike, the rehabbers, including Gary the original rehabber that was there that fateful Easter Sunday morning, the DEC and all the folks that were involved.

Oh, and by the way, Mike has shared a few pictures with us that I will share with you soon.


p.s. As far as we know Quest is doing very well. We’ll be posting about her travels soon. Stay tuned!

A Very Important Update!

Mariah arrived at the Kodak Tower sometime Friday morning (5/29/09). Watchers working in nearby buildings reported an adult Falcon flying around the Kodak Tower around 9:00 am.

The Rochester Falcon Watchers that arrived downtown were greeted by a beautiful sight. An adult Falcon flying around the Kodak Tower, soaring over the gorge to chase the pigeons on the High Falls Brewery, chasing Crows off of the lower Kodak buildings and landing in very familiar places. A split wing tip was seen.

Later that evening, scopes were trained on the Peregrine Falcon and a blue band with a yellow racing stripe was seen. Thanks to Mike Allen from the DEC for this thoughtful addition.

Mariah is home.


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103 Responses to “Mariah Has Been Released! Update! She’s baaacckk!”

  1. Carol P. Says:

    Hey Ei – Did you notice that when you look at the Kodak Office area, it shows three stacks? Ahhhhh, the good old days. 🙂

  2. Gail from Cinci Says:

    Guess I’ll need to start checking this site a little more often – I knew Mariah had been released but she’s been back a whole week and I’m just tuning in! She is an awesome bird. God speed, Mariah.

  3. Kathy Raudales Says:

    When I die, at the eulogy I want my boxing coach to walk up to coffin, and begin: “One! two! three! four! Five! Six! He’s not getting up!”

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