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‘Quest’s Week’ Updated, More to Follow

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We’ve updated the Quest’s Week map with her movements for the past week. As you can see, she only recently left the Port Hope area. It looks like she’s bouncing back and forth over the border near the east end of Lake Ontario, perhaps waiting for favorable weather before making a more decisive move.

We haven’t had a chance to comb through the older data yet but we’ll work on getting more maps published in the coming days!

6 Responses to “‘Quest’s Week’ Updated, More to Follow”

  1. Larry O'Heron Says:

    Gracias para tu asistencia in arreglando la situation!
    Thanks for getting this situation fixed.
    Larry O

  2. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Vielen, vielen Dank, auch von mir.

  3. Debbe L in Fort Wayne Says:

    Seems like forever but so happy things are back on track for all us voyeurs – no matter what language! Thank you!!

  4. chicki Says:

    Wow, it looks like she might be flying back and forth right over my place! (Chaumont Bay). I saw want to see her!

  5. Melissa in MA Says:

    Oh, how happy I was to see her map back up!! Thanks to all those responsible for getting her information back to us….now it’s time to
    see where our girl will go this fall!

  6. Maureen in MA Says:

    Merci tres beaucoup!!! 😀

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