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Seeking Quest at Lennox Power Station

Recently some of Quest’s fans took a road trip north from Rochester to visit the Lennox power station, and to try their luck at spotting Quest. Our “bionic bird” was a no-show, but Rochester Falconcam team member Carol Phillips put together a photographic journal that provides a good look at the area Quest is calling home these days.

You can view Carol’s album HERE.

3 Responses to “Seeking Quest at Lennox Power Station”

  1. Kathy Says:

    Loved your pictures, what a great place for Quest to have been and it already has a ready made falcon condo for her! Maybe she will decide to come back in the Spring!

  2. Kathy Villone Says:

    Those are some fabulous pictures. Quest has a beatiful place to stay. Thank you so much, Carol.

  3. Lennoxman Says:

    Nice job on the album Carol! It’s kind of hard to tell where Quest is going to make her winter home isn’t it? For her sake, I hope she flies to the warmer sunny south because the cold and snowy winter has definitely settled in here. I know I’d be going south if I were her 🙂 We’ll continue to keep an eye out for her here.

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