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Quest Active Despite Cold

Quest Map 30 Dec 09 - 08 Jan 10

The New Year’s cold snap hasn’t stopped Quest from bouncing around southern Ontario provice in Canada. We missed a couple of days’ worth of data just after the beginning of the year, but since then the information has returned to regular nightly updates. We’ve been fortunate to get quite a few readings that include data from the transmitter’s temperature sensor. These show that Quest is keeping pretty active and thus relatively warm despite bitter arctic temperatures and snow.

Locations over the past few days indicate that she may have found a perching spot just east of Route 13 near the Prince Edward Point National Wildlife Area. The Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory is close by, so it’s possible that Quest could be within view of some trained observers. The Point lies on one of the major Great Lakes bird migration routes, so it’s no surprise that Quest may have staked out a temporary hunting territory on the northern bluffs there.

12 Responses to “Quest Active Despite Cold”

  1. Maureen in MA Says:

    It’s a great sign to Quest’s longevity long after her transmitter breaks away. Very good to know 🙂

  2. Lennoxman Says:

    Thursday, January 7 @ 10:30 a.m. – that is the day I marked on my calendar so I can be reminded of the first time I saw Quest! It’s true folks, I finally saw her:) I was having a coffee in the Lennox Administration Building lunch room with some fellow employees, when one of them jumped up and shouted “Terry- there’s your bird”. I looked out over the lake, and sure enough, there was Quest flying from west to east over the shoreline about 150 yards from where I sat. She was about 40 feet in the air and was flying quite quickly. I couldn’t believe my eyes… I had finally seen her! Unfortunately, she was only visible for about 10 or 15 seconds. It was great to see her and to visually confirm that she is doing just fine. I was beginning to think that she was just an iconic blip on a google map but now I know she’s the real thing. I can’t believe I got so excited about seeing a bird; it was almost the same type of feeling I got when I experienced my first eagle on a par three hole.

  3. Paul Says:

    Terry, that must have been great! Thanks for the news and the shared excitement.


  4. Donna Says:

    Terry, it sure is a “Rush” when you see a peregrine, (especially Quest). Good for you. No blip now huh? Congrats and thank you.

  5. Carol P. Says:

    Great news Terry! Now get busy and get that picture. LOL 😉 Thanks for letting us know.

  6. Carol P. Says:

    Hey Terry – I know it was a quick look, but did you see her antenna and did you notice if she has her adult plummage? Just curious.

  7. Lennoxman Says:

    Hey Carol – I didn’t see her antenna, but it looks like your little girl has grown up. From what we could see, it appeared that she had a slate-coloured crown, back, and upper surface of the wings.

  8. dale Says:

    Thank you so much, Terry!!!

  9. sue Says:

    Since no antenna was seen, it’s possible that it wasn’t Quest. Maybe it was a handsome male looking for a kinky chick wearing a sexy little halter.

  10. Maureen in MA Says:

    Yes, thank you, Terry!! I felt your excitement in finally seeing our Quest!! 😀

  11. chrissy Says:

    A sighting, at last?! Thank you, Terry ^5!

  12. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Peregrine on the shore! Fore!!!
    Thanks, Lennoxman.

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