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Quest Closes January In The Wetlands

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We weren’t surprised to find that Quest ended January at the Prince Edward Point Wildlife Refuge. The heavy concentration of data from her transmitter shows that she hasn’t visited the Lennox Power station since the beginning of the month, preferring to spend her time among the prey-rich wetlands to the southwest. Five of the last seven days place her at the Point, and the other two (purple and black icons on the map) look like they could just be day trips.

We’re still hoping that someone at the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory will spy Quest and send us an eyewitness report, or even some pictures. But whether we hear anything from humans at the site or not, it’s pretty clear that Quest has found herself a nice place to stay for the winter.

10 Responses to “Quest Closes January In The Wetlands”

  1. Paul Hamilton Says:

    I wonder whether those bays near Prince Edward Point are sufficiently deep and protected to remain ice-free and attractive to waterfowl?

  2. Maureen in MA Says:

    Is there anything shelter in that area for Quest to go to at night? I tried zooming in to see for myself, but the Google satellite imagery is not cooperating this morning. 😮

  3. Kathy Villone Says:

    glad to hear Quest is doing well and has found a place to stay, I only wish she would find a mate, so as not to be alone.

  4. Melissa in MA Says:

    Quest knows a good thing when she finds it. 🙂

  5. chrissy Says:

    Maureen, Google Earth photo taken where Quest signal has been concentrated lately, http://bit.ly/littebluff. Lots of shelter. Note the similarity to High Falls gorge. Must remind her of home. 🙂

  6. John Carlos Says:

    Oh man, Chrissy. Can you imagine if she came back to kick Beauty out of town? I would hope that no one gets injured if something like that were to occur again!

  7. Maureen in MA Says:

    Thanks, Chrissy, for posting that! Lots of shelter indeed.

    Does anyone know why the last of Quest’s data is dated 1/31, i.e., nothing within the normal 4-5 days from today (2/16)?

  8. Lennoxman Says:

    Hi Everyone. Quest was sighted by numerous Lennox employees last Friday Feb 12.
    She was perched in a tree near the shoreline, just outside my office window (about 150 yards from where I normally sit). Apparently, she stayed there for about an hour. Unfortunately, I was in a meeting and the people who spotted her didn’t want to interupt me. As luck would have it…she flew from the tree about 5 minutes before my meeting ended… so I missed her again. One of the employees was going to take a picture of her but their camera did not have a good enough zoom feature to get a good shot. I’ll get a photo soon… I just know it!

  9. ei Says:

    @Maureen…there are actually 2 maps going on…a monthly one to go with the imprints posts and a weekly one showing the last 7 days (link on the right side of the main Imprint’s page)…I usually follow the weekly one when she starts to worry me!

    @Lennoxman…I can’t believe they didn’t want to disturb you…Quest has been away from your place for a while…makes one day trip (confirmed by her transmitter) and they don’t tell you! Sheesh! I know…they thought they were doing the right thing…at least we know she was seen and she really is OK! Did the employee take any pictures, even if not the best? Thanks for keeping an eye out for her!

  10. Maureen in MA Says:

    @ei – Thanks for the tip on the monthly and 7-day maps, I appreciate it! And I also agree with your sentiment…

    @Lennoxman – I can’t believe your co-workers didn’t want to disturb you either after all of this time waiting to see Quest! 😉 Hopefully someone will have a camera ready next time. How every exciting!! 😀

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