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Quest Feasting at Prince Edward Point


The latest batch of locations from Quest’s transmitter leaves little doubt that she’s found a new dining spot. Some of the interday data points place her back at the Lennox power station but she has been consistently heading to the wildlife refuge at PEP for most of the month. It seems likely that the winter bird migrations which flow past the point are attracting her to what is sure to be a bountiful supply of prey. We’ve sent emails to the folks at the Prince Edward Point Bird Observatory and asked them to keep their eyes peeled for their special visitor!

4 Responses to “Quest Feasting at Prince Edward Point”

  1. dale Says:


  2. chrissy Says:

    Quest impersonator? http://www.regruntled.com/category/birds/

  3. Melissa in MA Says:

    Quest does a great job finding food…..always glad to see an update
    on her when I check.

  4. Maureen in MA Says:

    Me too!

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