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Falcon watch 8-27-12

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

As I walked from the bus and got past the buildings to bring the statue of Mercury in view I saw the Beautyful one on the base. A great way to start my watch! I then went up on the Broad Street bridge(BSB) with Dan and Larry.  Dan informed me that Beauty had been on the base since 6:17am and that Orion came in with her and flew behind the Thomson Reuters building out of view. 10 minutes passed when Orion came flying in from the east singing like only he can knocking Beauty off the base and they both flew off and returned to the base of Mercury. Beauty either caught breakfast or had it cashed somewhere for we could see feathers flying on the other side where we couldn’t see her. Orion meanwhile was watching her very intently from our side of Mercury.

img_0218-b-first-thing-this-morning img_0221-orion-singing-for-us

Our youngster got bored or impatient and flew off a couple times and came back. Dan and Larry had to leave so I went down to the hole so I could see both of our fine feathered falcons.

img_0227-o-taking-off-on-his-second-short-fly-around img_0234-landing-gear-down img_0237-nope-im-not-looking-at-her

After about 20 minutes I walked down to Aqueduct Park for a different perspective. I could watch Orion all day, he is so entertaining! He would look away and act like he wasn’t interested and then he would turn his head Exorcist style to watch the feathers making me crack up. Then his attention turned to some gulls that were passing overhead as you will see in one of my videos.


Then the battery in my camera expired!  And as I sometimes forget to charge my extra battery the replacement was also low when I put it in my camera. So a few more pics and I was done clicking for the day. They both flew off toward FCT and I followed behind finding Beauty on the tower. Orion came by for a few minutes landing on the platform railing and then he left. I ended my watch and left downtown smiling for having seen ad spent time with my 2 favorite falcons.  :)

Click the links below for my small photo album and videos







5 Responses to “Falcon watch 8-27-12”

  1. Ei Says:

    Batteries worn out in a good cause-excellent videos!

  2. kathy from Canada Says:

    I can’t believe how patient and quiet he was..lol! Thank you MAK, this always makes my day :)

  3. Ginny Says:

    Thanks so much MAK! I loved the videos and the pics :-)
    Orion is so cute! I love that little guy ♥

  4. Barb W. in L.A. Says:

    It’s so much fun watching him. Those head moves make me chuckle. Thanks, MAK!

  5. MAK Says:

    Me too Barb! I love him too Ginny! Glad I could make your day kathy! And yes Ei, a very good cause indeed! :)

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