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Carol P. – Seneca’s Super Sensational Stupendous Stoop into the Gorge – July 7, 2008 (Morning)

Read all about it in this KGallery album.  No sign on needed.


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Carol P.

10 Responses to “Carol P. – Seneca’s Super Sensational Stupendous Stoop into the Gorge – July 7, 2008 (Morning)”

  1. PirkkoK Says:

    You were so lucky, Carol P. et al., to have witnessed Seneca’s super duper stoop! Now, she’s on her way to the “Falcon Olympics” for sure! Who would have thought that Mariah’s and Kaver’s last baby to fledge had it in her to make that manoeuvre so early in her flying career. Hurrah! Zephyr, the Z-man, take note of your little sister!

  2. Maureen in MA Says:

    Awesome! Thank you for posting for us, and sharing your fantastic view!

  3. Debbie P. in OH Says:

    Thanks, Carol! Talk about being in the right place at the right time – wish I could have been there! Beautiful little Seneca posed nicely for you, too! Is it my imagination, or does Seneca have adult plumage? She looks more mature than her sibs – may be why she’s stooping already!!! Your shot of Susan B peeking through the railing on the bridge was adorable!

  4. Alison in Austria Says:

    Adult plumage (white belly – sometimes with speckles, slate grey back) does not appear in falcons until their second year. But she has just beautiful juvenile/first year plumage.

  5. Barbara Says:

    Wonderful coverage, Carol P. Thank you!
    Some of my family members mentioned the fireworks displays in Rochester over the weekend. I was concerned about the fledglings possibly being disturbed or startled. It’s good to learn from the subsequent reports that they’re all fine.
    (Los Angeles)

  6. Rosamund Says:

    Sweet Seneca. She does appear to have more contrast to her coloring than her sibs. She’ll be a beauty as an adult.

    Thanks, Carol, for those gorgeous photos. Love the shot of Susan B doing her imitation of a jailbird.

    Does anyone here follow the Osprey cam at Montezuma? I’m wondering when the little is expected to fledge.

  7. ENB Says:

    S-E-N-E-C-A S-E-N-E-C-A

    Little power diver…..little show-off.

    Cameras ready?

    And for my next trick…..

  8. Janet H Says:

    Seneca is the star of the 2008 show! How exciting!

  9. June Kogut Says:

    For some reason my computer would not connect yesterday. I was so afraid we were cut off from the excitement. Then today everything worked and hurrah did it ever work !!!Three cheers for Seneca and her amazing flying expertise. Thank you Carol for your amazing camera work. You make it easy for us to visualize the whole wonder of their development. THANK YOU !!

  10. Joan McC Says:

    Carol – Don’t we have the cutest, dearest little falcon family ever? You managed to capture their expression so well. And your descriptions were wonderful. Thanks for providing us this opportunity to be a part of this whole amazing experience.

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