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Carol P – Four Visitors in the Gorge – Tuesday – July 8, 2008 (Morning)

We had four visitors during the morning in the gorge.




Carol P.

9 Responses to “Carol P – Four Visitors in the Gorge – Tuesday – July 8, 2008 (Morning)”

  1. Barbara Says:

    Thank you, Carol P.
    Interesting to witness fledgling interaction with other bird species at this stage.
    (Los Angeles)

  2. Sarah Holt Schwarz Says:

    Hi Carol P,
    Thanks SO much for all your photos and descriptions of the fledges!
    I download most and pass them on to friends and family! Hope you “see” you next year.
    Today’s Kodak link isn’t working…. here is the message I get….

    Album Not Found
    We’re sorry, but the online album you’re looking for is unavailable. The owner may have deleted the album after sharing it with you, or the link you used may be incorrect.

    To view the album, please contact the person who originally shared the album with you and ask them to share it again.
    Thanks again,
    Sarah in Florida

  3. Jill C. Says:

    The first link is ‘broken’ with a line break…just copy the first line of the URL and paste into your browser and then copy the second line of the URL and paste it right at the end in your browser to create 1 line (http://www.kodakgallery.com/I.jsp?c=171aim5l.7mcv0y7h&x=0&y=-6ba8sm&localeid=en_US) or use the tinyurl link – they both point to the same album.

  4. gr0tt0 Says:


    As is true with all on this site, the photos are terrific. Thanks to you and all others who spend the time and share them with us.

    I’m impressed by the clarity and close-ups. I’m curious. What lens/camera is everyone using to get this quality?



  5. Janet H Says:

    The same thing happened to me. Fix it please, Carol! We need our falcon fix! ; )

    Thanks for the great job that all the watchers are doing.

  6. Carol P. Says:

    Hmmmm. I just clicked on the tiny url and it worked for me. Looks like the other one is broken. Try clicking on the tiny url link instead. – Carol P.

  7. JenP Says:

    Check the post above that the link got split onto a second line for some reason… Same thing happened to me. You have to copy/paste both lines into a brower bar to view these amazing pics from today? Great camera shots 🙂 Keep up the wonderful work!!

  8. Carol P. Says:

    John – I use a Kodak DX7590 with a Xenar Telephoto 1.4X55mm lens. Many of us, including Dana, Lou, Marcia, Joyce and Jim P have much better cameras than mine and get much better pictures. 🙂 – Carol P.

  9. Debbe Loudenslager Says:

    I looked forward to your pictures but these are ‘not found’ according to the Kodack site where your pictures can be viewed? Did you take them off? Not sure how to see them now.

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