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Sunday 1-16-11 Brighton Falcons

From Rochester Falconwatcher Joyce:
(Click on thumbnails to enlarge)

A pair of peregrine falcons are back on the old abandoned medical building in Brighton. I’m convinced these unbanded falcons are the same pair that appeared on the building in Febraury 2010. They disappeared in March 2010, and the watchers thought they were wintering falcons that left to nest elsewhere.

I have compared photos from last year.  The malar stripe (mustache) and auricular patch (area behind the mustache) are a close match on both peregrines.  Included in my album are some photos from last year for comparison.

Click link 1-16 Picasa Album to view Sunday’s watch.  After looking at my weekend photos again, I believe the peregrine in Saturday’s album is the female.

Some have wondered if the unbanded tiercel that has befriended Beauty, is the unbanded Brighton male. They are not one and the same. You can definitely see the difference between their mustache and auricular patch below:

Hmmmm…are the Brighton pefas Rochester wintering falcons, or could they have a nestsite somewhere in the Rochester Metropolitan Area?  Could they be using this building to keep an eye on the downtown falcons?  So-o-o many questions.

If you happen to be driving by the building, the falcons seem to frequent the east side. You may see one on the SE or NE corner, as well as on a top window sill. Sometimes they hide out of view from the roof top.

Keep your eyes to the skies.


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2 Responses to “Sunday 1-16-11 Brighton Falcons”

  1. MAK Says:

    The males are definitely not the same.

  2. margaret Says:

    Amazing that you can see all those differences. Even with your helpful descriptions, I have a hard time discerning between them. You gals are amazing. Keep your eyes to the skies for those of us who are nearsighted! Thanks!

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