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Carol P. – Some Very Serious Hunting Going On! – July 24, 2008 (7-9 am)

It was overcast and drizzly, but that didn’t stop the morning crew
(Dan S, Jeanne, Larry O, Mike-A new Watcher and me) from showing up
on the bridge early this morning.

Larry caught sight of a juvie flying in front of the High Falls
Brewery, but didn’t see where it went. We spread out trying to find
it. That’s when we saw the brewery pigeons flying around in a
panic! There was our juvie, hot on their tails!!!

We all watched in amazement as this juvie chased the pigeons back and
forth, back and forth. Next victims, the starlings that had been
sitting on the brewery. Up they went! It was mass chaos! A
whirlwind of birds filled the air and right in the middle of it, one
very speedy Falcon. Eventually the juvie landed on the brewery and
all the other birds settled down.

After awhile, a 2nd juvie entered the gorge. We could definitely ID
this beauty. It was Quest! Both Quest and the unidentfied juvie
flew around the gorge together, eventually both landed on Skye’s
Building at the east end of the pedestrian bridge.

They remained there for awhile and then both took off heading

We were never able to get an ID on the hunting juvie. All I can say
is that I believe it was either Diamante or Zephyr, due to the
smaller size when compared with Quest.

I will not be surprised to read a Watch report soon telling us that
one of the Fab Five have successfully hunted.

Carol P.

4 Responses to “Carol P. – Some Very Serious Hunting Going On! – July 24, 2008 (7-9 am)”

  1. Maureen in MA Says:

    I would say that that successful hunt is very close, if it hasn’t happened already! Thank you, Carol, for the update. Any little bit of news is appreciated!

  2. Kathy V Says:

    Thank you for the update, sounds like it will happen soon.

  3. Sharon Says:

    Hello, I just wanted to let someone know that a Falcon was eating some kind of bird in our backyard last night, at first my husband had thought that it was eating a rabbit, as we have one living in our yard but the bunny is still here, however when I came home last night I checked the spot out and all I found was a pile of feathers, looks to be may from a Dove as we have several in our yare. We live in Henrietta.

  4. Gail in Cincinnati Says:

    Your dedication is inspiring…. and appreciated! I’m glad to hear ‘our’ juvies continue to gain skills and feel rather sorry for the hapless pigeon that doesn’t veer quickly enough!

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