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Mariah’s Nouveau Beau

I was thrilled to get downtown this afternoon for some good looks at the new tiercel who’s flown into town.  On the downside, this is definitely not Kaver.  The tiercel is banded.  Despite our best efforts, two spotting scopes and lots of long zoom lenses he’s being coy, not giving us a good look at the ID number on that band yet.  He’s been perching low enough that we may be able to get a read on the band, if he’ll cooperate and stick his leg out where we can see it!

In any event, enjoy the pictures and my report of today’s activity:

6 Responses to “Mariah’s Nouveau Beau”

  1. June Kogut Says:

    This is the best day of ’09 to date. At least in falcon watch territory… Now if they would only choose a nursery site where we could watch the progress of their offspring (am I moving too fast here?) we could have a really good week !!!
    Thank you for the wonderful pictures and the return of hope for another successful year. 😉

  2. Maureen in MA Says:

    How exciting! Fingers crossed!! Thank you for the update, and pictures Jim!

  3. Nicole in Longueuil, QC Says:


    can you please tell me who chooses the nesting place, the male or the female ??????

    Thanks a lot ! I haven’t been watching the falcons for years, but this year I’ll try to be more faithful.


  4. Jess Says:

    @Nicole – In the wild, the male chooses several potential nest sites and shows them to the female. She decides which site will be used.

    In cities where there is often only one nest box, that behavior is not seen as much, but even urban peregrines sometimes decide to move among different locations. That has been the case with the Atlanta falcons on top of the Sun Trust building.

  5. Joan McC Says:

    Hooray! – just a tiny bit of good news, but we’ll take all we can get at this point. Now if they could just find our nest box offerings to their liking, we’d all feel a lot better. But I still can’t help thinking of cutie-patootie Kaver and wondering what happened to him. Life is tough…..

  6. Kathy V Says:

    I miss Kaver too, but at least Mariah has another that is attentive. Hope they choose one of the nest boxes. Will be checking for more news.

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