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Zephyr Spotted on 3/28/09

More news on one of our Rochester falcons…

One of our 2008 fledglings has been spotted on a tall abandoned building in Brighton, south of downtown Rochester.  Marcia L and Joyce watched as Zephyr and an adult female perched on and flew around there. 

Here are Marcia’s photos and report

Amendment – Joyce’s album

7 Responses to “Zephyr Spotted on 3/28/09”

  1. Mary Says:

    Wonderful pictures of last year’s little Z Man.

  2. diane m Says:

    All sounds good. Happy to here about Zephyr popping in for a visit. Sounds like he might have a gal. Love is in the air!

  3. Rock Says:

    Awesome! More good news! Could we end up with two active scrapes when we feared none? In a perfect world… Thanks for the great shots and I would love to know more on the Bald Eagle from a previous report. I thought we were dealing with a juvi-bald last year. Could this be it? How fun!!

  4. bluhawkk Says:

    Thanks for the terrific series of photos and vid of Z-Man. Good to see he’s doing well.

    Is he too young to mate? And if the south of downtown becomes established territory, by peregrine standards is it consider infringing on Mariahs territory?

    BTW, is that vid vocalization by Z what you refer to as echupping?

  5. Debbe Loudenslager Says:

    Thank goodness we got some fun wonderful news – ‘Z’ man and a girlfriend. Thanks so much for the pictures and story Marcia ! Now, we just have to keep the fiath for Kaver to come home.

  6. Melissa in MA Says:

    How exciting! Great pictures and narration too.
    (I confess, I check here daily and am SO excited
    when there is any news about these regal birds!)
    : )

  7. Kathy V Says:

    Those are great shots, looking healthy. Glad to see Zephyr is doing well. Thanks alot for the photos Marcia. Got a girl, huh?

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