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Morning watch 4-17-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Hello everyone! This morning I arrived on a windy Broad St. bridge about 6:15am. Donna reported that Archer was in the nestbox sitting on the eggs since 6:15am so I missed the changing of the guard by seconds!

Approximately 8:00am LarryO and his dog Cleo stopped by for a minute to get the scoop. Practically as soon as they left I spotted Beauty. She was flying above the Times Square and Reuters Thomson buildings when she suddenly flew back over the river and stooped on something by the Rochester Convention Center. I lost sight of her momentarily and next thing I knew she was flying above the Rundell Library with another falcon. Up,up,up high into the dark clouds that were moving in. I lost sight again and when they came out of the clouds they were on the east side flying above the Geva Theater and Washington Square Park area. My next sighting was of Beauty circling above me and flying straight up Broad St. eastbound to Midtown and out of sight. After a few minutes she reappeared flying over the river and landing on the top ibeam south side of the OCSR building.


I drove down to Aqueduct St. for a closer look of Beauty and saw that she was nibbling on something small(cached food I thought to myself) for just a few minutes. I decided to end my watch and of course after I left she and Archer changed off on egg sitting duties. Such is the way of a falcon watcher! 🙂

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