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Monday Evening Fledge Watch – After all the Rain! – 7/28/14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Rain, rain and more rain!  Rochester and the surrounding area got lots of rain today with lots of flooding.  Finally, tonight the rain stopped and a few of the watchers made their way downtown.  I met Kathy O, Joyce and Larry O and we all spread out to look for our falcons.  The water was raging over the High Falls and the island below was totally covered in water.  The amount of water pouring over the falls was incredible!  Here is a short video of what we saw.  Just click on the following link to see my YouTube video.


Raging Waters over the High Falls 7-28-14Raging Waters over the High Falls 7-28-14Raging Genesee River Looking north from the Pedestrian Bridge 7-28-14*




Joyce texted that she had three juvies on the southeast corner of the HSBC building, so that’s where we headed.  Just as I arrived, I saw two juvies come off of HSBC and fly together over the old Midtown Plaza shell.  They circled around to the north side of HSBC.  Joyce, Kathy and I followed one of the juvies to the west, where we found Tesh (ID’d by Joyce) on the jail communication tower.

Tesh on the Jail Communication Tower 7-28-14*





Tesh left and we all drove around looking for falcons, with no luck.  Kathy & Larry left and Joyce and I met back on the pedestrian bridge, hoping to see a falcon from there.  We were losing light fast, so we both headed back to the Times Square building, arriving just in time to see a juvie fly in and land on the southeast corner of the ledge just above the nest box.  It was too dark by this time to ID this falcon.  I ended my watch at approximately 9:00 pm.

It was much cooler this evening with temps in the 60’s (F) and dark clouds overhead.  Goodnight everyone!

Cedar Waxwing 7-28-14Sunset 7-28-14

2 Responses to “Monday Evening Fledge Watch – After all the Rain! – 7/28/14”

  1. patsy6 Says:

    Oh my! Quite a difference in the falls from Sunday to Monday! I hope the deer and the beaver are all safe.

  2. Carol P. Says:

    Me too Pat! That is a whole lot of water moving out to the lake (Ontario)!

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