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Fledge watch 7-29-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a gray cloudy morning with a starting temperature of 55 (F) 13 (C) but so much better than yesterday when we had a deluge of rain

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After being sidelined the last 2 days with a sore back and neck, I was happy to be able to get out to watch our fantastic falcon family!

It was a slow start as I wasn’t able to find any of our feathered friends at the start from the Broad St. Bridge (BSB). I then joined Dan on the Pont De Rennes pedestrian bridge at High Falls and he wasn’t having much luck either. He saw 1 falcon on Times Square (TSB) when he first got there and another one flying from near Xerox toward Cornhill but that was it for him. I spotted a falcon on the northeast corner of HSBC just before Dan called it quits.


It left before I could get over there and after a trip around the city in search of falcons, I finally found a couple upon returning to the east side. Dot.Ca (DC) was on a south side column of Xerox and there was a juvie further down on the roof-both had their backs to me.

img_0007-dc img_0008-juvie-on-s-side-xerox

I left Woodbury St. and went over to Chestnut St. for a better angle after the juvie flew around the corner to the east side roof. Another juvie landed near the southwest corner of HSBC and after a few moments walked toward the east , then flew the rest of the way to the southeast corner.

img_0027-dc1 img_0025-juvie-sleeping img_0033-dc-juvie-on-xerox img_0017-juvie-on-hsbcimg_0021-mercury

DC and the Xerox juvie flew off going behind HSBC out of view-the HSBC juvie, who I was able to ID as Mercury, flew off while I was watching the other 2 and returned to the southeast corner of HSBC. 5 minutes later he flew northeast and didn’t return.

img_0035-mercury-on-hsbc img_0038-hi-mercury img_0051-bye-mercury

While I was taking care of some business Nettie visited the nest box area with food, which Beauty took from her as reported by Donna and Shaky. Thanks guys! When I arrived on the BSB Beauty was on cam 1 and Tesh was on the base of Mercury with food.Soon after, the Beautyful one flew over to the heel of Mercury to Teshs’ displeasure as she half mantled the food from mom and had quite a bit to say to her as well.

img_0054-tesh-with-food img_0058-beautyful img_0059-beauty-takes-off img_0065-beauty img_0067-beauty-and-tesh

Next up, I heard another juvie whining and suddenly it landed next to Tesh, who mantled the food. They both flew off-Tesh went down to the east side railing below Mercury with the goods and the other one knocked Beauty off the heel, then went to the well wall briefly. Ei reported to me later that it had been Nettie who had quite the full crop. Thank you!

img_0068-incoming-juvie img_0070-tesh-with-leftovers img_0074-tesh

As I moved from the BSB to Aqueduct Park, Tesh finished eating and walked to the northeast corner of the railing-feaking the whole way. It was then that I spotted Beauty on the top ibeam south corner of OCSR and she was looking really sweet with a feather stuck to her beak.

img_0085-tesh-feaking img_0092-beauty img_0096-pretty-tesh

I shared space with them for about a half hour-Tesh was very alert watching everything around her. She waved good bye and  flew off to the northeast, circling above Andrews Place apartments and the Radisson Hotel then disappeared.

img_0097-hi-tesh img_0106-hi-mak img_0109-tesh-takes-off img_0111-tesh-coming-at-me img_0112-tesh

Beauty was preening as she continues to deal with her molt. One of the boys showed up above OCSR,circling a few times then flying north. While I was looking for them I came across a couple people at the Federal building giving horse rides as I passed on Andrews St. Now that’s different!!

img_0120-beauty-missing-tail-feather-or-two-due-to-molt<Beauty missing a tail feather or two     img_0129-horse-riding-at-federal-building

I ended my watch at 11am but I wasn’t done seeing falcons, for as I made my way down Seth Green Drive (my road) to Seneca Towers (where I live) I spotted the very dapper Veteran on a pole near the northwest corner of the building.

img_0136-veteran1 img_0137-veteran img_0141-veteran

After seeing all Rochester Peregrine Falcons except for Nor’Easter, I’d say I had more than enough for a happy return to make me smile! 🙂

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10 Responses to “Fledge watch 7-29-14”

  1. Patricia Rose Says:

    Glad you are feeling better, MAK!

  2. MAK Says:

    Thanks Patricia! 🙂

  3. Nancy Says:

    I’m also glad you’re feeling better, MAK! Thank you so much for sharing your interaction with the magnificent Rochester falcons with us. I look forward to your reports!

  4. OlRedHair Says:

    I too look forward to your reports each day. So glad to have you back, MAK!

  5. MAK Says:

    Thank you so very much Nancy and Nora! It’s good to be back!! 🙂

  6. patsy6 Says:

    MAK, you probably have a sore back and neck from too much falcon watching. Take care, and don’t over-do.

  7. MAK Says:

    Pat, I wish it was from watching our falcons too much, although I have hurt my neck at times from that. I actually hurt myself moving a box of heavy books out of the basement to my aunts’ garage. Be glad when I’m done with that house! 🙂

  8. June Kogut Says:

    MAK I was busy all day and just got home and here you are with a great report and magic pictures of all our friends (almost). Thanks for a nice end to a tough day. Sorry you’ve had some tough days ,too. Hope yours all get easier.

  9. patsy6 Says:

    Ah, heavy books can do a number on us, definitely. Glad to hear it’s at least better enough to get back to falcon watching.

  10. MAK Says:

    June, I’m glad I could end your day on a happy note!

    Pat, there’s not too much that keeps me from falcon watching!! 🙂

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