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Evening Fledge Watch – 7/30/14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

A much cooler, fall like evening.  I arrived on the pedestrian bridge at about 7:00 pm.  The water cascading over the falls is subsiding just a bit and some of the island below is starting to show again.

I was joined on the bridge by Kathy O, Dan, Jeanne and Larry O.  Kathy and Dan had been on the Broad St Bridge and reported seeing a falcon on the base of Mercury.  They couldn’t tell if it was an adult or juvie.

From the pedestrian bridge, we could see two juvies together on the northeast corner of the Xerox Tower.






Larry O reported that while he was walking down the bridge, he and others had seen a doe escort a fawn from the island to the shore.  Everyone cheered when they both made it safely to dry land on the west side of the river.  I had been worried about the fawn I had seen over the last few evenings on the island before the heavy rains hit.  Happy to know s/he was now safe.

Rfalconcam forum member Ei reported that there was a falcon on the Frontier Communication Tower on the railing at 7:30 pm, seen on camera.  That made four falcons seen at the same time.  But, there was no way to know if they were all juvies or not.

Kathy had to leave so Larry and I decided to head downtown to look for the falcons, leaving Jeanne and Dan on the pedestrian bridge.  While I was driving around, both Larry and Jeanne tweeted that there was a falcon on the Times Square Bldg on the northeast wing ledge.  I made my way over there and found a juvie up there.






At approximately 8:30 pm, Jeanne reported from the pedestrian bridge that she and Dan could see a falcon on top of the OCSR elevator shaft.  Larry reported a falcon on the HSBC building.  While I still had the juvie on the Times Square Bldg.  Unlike yesterday, tonight’s watch was a quiet one.  Not much flying.

We were losing light, so I decided to end my watch at 8:40 pm.  It was a nice quiet watch, just the way I like them.  Take care all and have a nice evening.  Goodnight!

2 Responses to “Evening Fledge Watch – 7/30/14”

  1. patsy6 Says:

    Thanks for the good news about the doe and the fawn, Carol. I’d been wondering too.

  2. Carol P. Says:

    I was very happy to hear that little fawn was ok. 🙂

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