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Fledge watch 7-31-14

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a very dark start to this mornings watch as a thunderstorm was occurring when I left Seneca Towers the rain eventually stopped and made way for partial clearing and a hazy sun broke thru the clouds at times. The temperature was 60 (F) 16 (C) to start

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I had to go searching first thing as there were no falcons in sight from the Broad St. bridge (BSB). I found a falcon on the southeast corner of HSBC which I couldn’t ID thru the rain and darkness, plus it had its back to me.


It flew off when I wasn’t looking so I returned to the BSB and found a juvie on the base of Mercury. It didn’t stay much more than 5 minutes before flying off to the south.

img_0006-juvie1 img_0015-a-juvie-rouse img_0017-juvie-leaving img_0018-come-get-me-mak

I took a ride over to the Frontier Communications Tower where I found a juvie on the northeast corner of the platform railing. I barely got a shot of it before it flew north.


I said ok, I’ll play your silly little falcon games and followed its’ path to the Kodak Office launchpad where it landed on the southeast corner. As I arrived on Mill St. to watch, it walked down to the northeast corner. I was able to see a little red on the right leg so I believe it was Nor’Easter-it’s all in the lighting. 10  minutes later he flew southeast.

img_0031-hi-buddy img_0034-bye-nore

I headed in that direction and ended up watching a boy and a girl flying around Bausch & Lomb and Xerox from the BSB. They kept going behind the buildings where I couldn’t see them and then landed on the northwest corner of Xerox.

img_0036-boy-and-girl-over-xerox img_0037-coming-to-get-you-sis img_0042-2-juvies-on-xerox

They started preening so I thought I would go to Woodbury St. where I had a less obstructed view and get ready for more flying. I couldn’t see them on that corner from there and by chance I took a pic to show my view. Lo and behold, while checking the pic on my computer I found 3 falcons flying!


I went down Court St. to the bridge and back up Exchange Blvd. and as I turned onto Broad St. I saw 2 juvies by the base of Mercury. I continued up onto the BSB where I could see one juvie, Nettie on the base-the other juvie vanished. I believe she was searching for food as she checked out the green part of the base as well as the cement part.

img_0045-nettie img_0046-nettie1 img_0053-ready-to-move-up

img_0054-up-to-the-green img_0060-no-food-up-here img_0061-no-food-down-here-either img_0062-why-wont-someone-bring-me-food

Nettie left around 8am-I missed her departure so I had no idea which way to look. After a check around downtown with no sightings I went over to High Falls where I came up empty as well. I left there and stopped on the Andrews St. Bridge (ASB) where I spotted Beauty on the southeast cube-she was eating a small morsel, and a juvie was on the small tower top disk with a large morsel.

img_0066-juvie-with-food img_0067-beauty-on-se-cube img_0069-juvie img_0070-beauty-and-juvie img_0072-one-of-the-girls

I drove over to City Hall and tried different spots and angles to see them as Beauty moved off the cube to the beam right behind it. I was too close to see the juvie on the disk so I ended up down on Plymouth Ave. by Frontier Field to observe it.

img_0074-beauty img_0075-beauty-as-seen-from-fitzhugh-st img_0081-juvie img_0082-wings

After a couple minutes a falcon, whom after looking at my pics looked to be Beauty, flew over to the disk and started eating as the juvie flew off.

img_0093-1-juvie-off-and-another-incoming<Click it img_0094-this-may-be-beauty img_0098-eating

She left while I wasn’t looking so I went to Fitzhugh St. in time to see 2 juvies flying east. I was about to end my watch when I heard all kinds of vocalizing from behind me. As I looked up I saw 2, then 3, then all 4 juvies above me flying south over City Place. 2 of them returned to land on the east side platform railing of FCT-they were Nettie and Mercury. A 3rd juvie flew in past them-Mercury gave chase and returned next to Nettie while the other one never returned.

img_0102-2-juvies img_0103-where-ya-goin img_0104-net-and-merc

Mercury jumped down to the platform and another juvie flew in and appeared to land on the north side where I couldn’t see. I checked the north side after a bit of time passed but they all must have left while I was driving over there for when I looked they were all gone.

img_0106-merc-down-to-platform img_0107-merc-and-net

Now that I had no falcons, I ended my watch just before the 10 o’clock hour. I sure will miss these young falcons when they leave on their lifes’  journey but while they’re still here I’ll keep on smiling about them and their entertaining ways! 🙂

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6 Responses to “Fledge watch 7-31-14”

  1. Donna Manley Krawiec Says:

    The more days that pass, posts, pictures and videos I see the more I want to move to Rochester

  2. MAK Says:

    Donna, come on witcher bad self! 🙂

  3. Donna Manley Krawiec Says:

    🙂 like a bad penny, never know where i’ll turn up, lol

  4. MAK Says:

    There are no bad pennies! 🙂

  5. Bobbie Ireland Says:

    Neat watch pix, MAK! Ta!

  6. MAK Says:

    Thanks Bobbie! Ta! Ta! 🙂

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