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Toronto falcon watch 7-27-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Joyce and I went to Canada on a fledge watch back in June and she had an accident with her vehicle at the Sunlife nest site. They finally finished the repairs on it and she asked if I would go back to Toronto with her to pick it up and drive her other car home. I thought about it for a whole split second and said “yes” let’s go! lol So we drove up there yesterday going directly to Harlequin Enterprises headquarters to see Quest,Kendal and Harlie! We arrived just before 2:00pm and upon exited the car and taking a few steps in the parking lot I noticed a bump over yonder on the Thales building. I yelled to Joyce that we had Harlie right off the bing-bang and so the clicking of our cameras began!

falcon-watch7-27-11-1st-sight-of-harlie falcon-watch7-27-11-028-taken-from-harlequin-parking-lot

Shortly thereafter Bruce Massey showed up to join us on the watch and so did Quest. She landed on the Thales building on the opposite side of where Harlie was.perched.

falcon-watch7-27-11-019-1st-sight-of-quest falcon-watch7-27-11-027-harlie-and-quest-on-thales-building

Joyce went into the Harlequin building to visit with our good friends while Bruce and stayed outside to enjoy FALCONS! We eventually joined her as she was chatting with Donna Hayes and her secretary Patricia Cakes. After a few minutes of schmoozing with them they had to get back to work and so did we! We witnessed first hand what Mark Nash was saying about Quest being a nag with Quest for every time he got near she would start vocalizing and not stop ’til he was out of sight. And to make things worse for the poor guy Harlie has  learned well from her mom and does the same thing! No wonder he makes himself so scarce!  Anyway we saw some good flying by all 3 plus a food exchange between Quest and Harlie. Harlie likes to eat and beg for food ALOT! She has no doubt been spoiled as an only child.

falcon-watch7-27-11-045-harlie-taking-off-from-thales falcon-watch7-27-11-050-gonna-fly-like-the-wind-before-i-get-old falcon-watch7-27-11-099-harlie-squawking

The repair shop was open until 5:00pm and so at 4:oopm we decided we had better go before they closed and Joyce had to go even longer without it! We were told it would only take 15 minutes to get there…HA, the 401 freeway was jammed and it took an hour but we made it just in the nick of time.  Upon seeing her shiny new Toyota Rav4 Joycie gave it a kiss and a pat and turned to me with a big old smile. So she jumped in hers and I jumped in mine(also a Rav 4) and we headed back to Harlequin taking the side streets instead. Arriving a bit after 6:00pm we resumed our joyful watch. All 3 falcons came in close for some fine photos. Quest on the east end of the Harlequin building with Harlie on the west end eating. Joyce walked

up to the top level of the parking garage at the north end of the Harlequin parking lot while I stayed put having some worn out arthritic knees.

falcon-watch7-27-11-130-q falcon-watch7-27-11-113-h falcon-watch7-27-11-139-rfw-joycie

Quest flew off and by Harlie who followed right behind jabbering the whole time and landed on the roof of a 1 story building across the street. They were in on the roof where I couldn’t see them but Joyce had a birds eye view from the top of the ramp garage. She said they were drinking up there. They both flew out and Kendal showed up on the far west corner of the Harlequin building to finish up what Harlie had left behind.

falcon-watch7-27-11-126-h-cleaning-up-after-a-meal falcon-watch7-27-11-151-kendal-cleaning-up-harlies-scraps falcon-watch7-27-11-156-k

Our little falcon family flew off out of sight soon after that and with an hour of daylight left Joycie and I headed out to the Yellow Pages nest site to see what we could find there. Upon our arrival we spotted a falcon or two up top. We saw a little bit of flying around the top of the building with some vocalizing and a half speed stoop by a juvie to end the day. We got her vehicle home safe and sound and then she dropped me off at my house at 1:00am a very tired but satisfied falcon watcher. I am including he link for my photo album of the day. Despite overcast skies not making it the ideal conditions for picture taking I believe you will enjoy these pics. Thank you Joyce for yet another chance to have a fabulous international falcon watch!  🙂


8 Responses to “Toronto falcon watch 7-27-11”

  1. Carol P. Says:

    Sounds like you gals had a very nice visit with Quest, Kendal and Harlequin. Happy that Joyce’s car was ready and that it is now home safely. Good job! – Carol P.

  2. Ginny Says:

    What a nice time you must have had! These are great photos!!!

  3. Amy V. Says:

    When it comes time for Harlie to find a mate, let’s hope she “unlearns” some of that non-stop vocal nagging that she’s copying from her mom!

  4. Joyce Says:

    Quest is going to take Harlequin to the 1000 islands. I just know it. They both like walking in water puddles. From the garage roof, I watched the two of them getting a drink on the rooftop of the red building across the street. A new experience for me. Quest is teaching Harlie to like water. It was wonderful to see her juvie phase, and Harlie is such a good flyer. A great place to falcon watch. Love this family…and Kendal is a Kaver-like cutie.

  5. margaret Says:

    A wonderful report and pictures.

  6. MAK Says:

    Thank you for your comments ladies! 🙂

  7. Donna Says:

    Joyce, your right about Kendal, he so reminds me of Kaver. MAK, you really have some great pics here. Harlie is one super Juvie! Thanks.

  8. MAK Says:

    I second everything Joycie said and might I add that Quest and Kendal have made terrific first time parents! Bruce said that they(CPF)were a bit concerned over her fast maturity and skill level at first. As you can see they worried for nothing for she is doing just fine!!! 🙂

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