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Thursday Afternoon Falcon Watch – 4/16/15

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

The quiet continued during my 2:45 to 4:20 pm watch.  When I first arrived, there were no falcons in sight.  When I left work, Dot.ca had been in the nest box on the eggs.  So, where was Beauty?

I went on a search around the city and could not find her.  When I returned to the Broad St Bridge, I tweeted that I could not find a 2nd falcon. Within a few seconds my phone went off.  It was a text from Kathy O and an RfalconcamNow message from Camp.  I apologize to anyone else that may have texted me.  My phone has not been receiving some tweets.  I appreciate all your help.  While I was out searching for Beauty, she was at the nest box with Dot.ca (DC).  lol  After reading the texts, I looked up just in time to see Dot.ca com out onto the nest box platform.  Beauty was now on the eggs.  Dot.ca flew out of the nest box and landed on the OCSR top IBeam at the west corner.

I ended up at “Falcon Central”, which is on Broad St, closer to the Times Square Bldg (TSB).  From there I had a nice view of the nest box and Dot.ca on OCSR.

It was such a nice day with sunshine and temps in the 60’s.   I was soon joined by Joyce and Brian.  We watched Dot.ca as he preened, stretched and pooped.  This was the only falcon activity during my watch, until 4:15 pm when I was ending my watch.  DC took off and we did not see what direction he took.  On my way home, I received a tweet from Joyce saying that she and Brian had found DC over on the Frontier Communication Tower.

Other watchers reports from the day.

MAK reported that she had seen both Billie and Seth at 11:21 am. from her balcony.  They put on quite the flight show for her and her friend.

Joyce and Brian reported seeing one falcon flying over Seneca Towers at 5:24 pm.

At 5:36 pm, Kathy O reported that Beauty was eating on the base of Mercury, while two Turkey Vultures circled above.  At 5:47 pm, Beauty went back to the nest box and Dot.ca landed on top of the Mercury statue.  From there, he took off, heading west.

Drizzly rain this morning, but it should clear up later.  Enjoy the day everyone.

Carol P. – 4/17/15

2 Responses to “Thursday Afternoon Falcon Watch – 4/16/15”

  1. June Kogut Says:

    Thanks for the report..Nice to hear that MAK is up and about a little bit..I just watched beauty and DC change places on the nest..Got a good look at the four eggs..Everything is perking right along..J.

  2. Carol P. Says:

    Hi June! Yes, those eggs are coming along quite nicely!

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