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Canada watch 10-15-11

By Rochester falcon watcher MAK

Good morning everyone! Yesterday watchers KathyO,Dana,Lisa McK,CarolP,Joyce and I took a trip to Canada to watch falcons. It was like a last hoorah for me until I can get around again after knee replacement surgery tomorrow. Arriving at the Harlequin location we were treated to some lovely flying from Quest and Kendal.

canada-watch-101511-014-q canada-watch-101511-009-kendal canada-watch-101511-066-qk

A few of the CPF folks were there to join in the fun and when we were done watching this fabulous pair we all went to lunch. Tracy told her usual animated stories about the feisty O’Connor and so we got directions to go meet her ourselves. When Joyce and I arrived at the site both O’Connor and her mate Hurricane were on the big blue H of the hospital where there nest site is located. As soon as we stopped they were both off and she was squawking up a storm at him.

canada-watch-101511-087-meet-oconnor canada-watch-101511-092-hurricane canada-watch-101511-094-oh

The pair did some flying for us and settled back on the H. We observed them for a bit longer and moved along to the next site. Upon arrival at MEC we found the female falcon on the Symcor building just down from the nestbox.

canada-watch-101511-104-infinity canada-watch-101511-114-infinitycanada-watch-101511-111

While we were at lunch it was decided that they would give this bird the name Infinity because it had double 8″s that were sideways on top of each other on the legband. On our way home we stopped by the Burlington Bridge location. We saw no falcons but we observed hundredsand hundreds of Starlings gathering under the bridge to roost for the night. They were quite noisy too! I couldn’t get real clear pics cuz the wind was so strong that I couldn’t hold my camera steady but…well you get the picture!


As the sun was setting we left Canada happy watchers having seen 5 falcons and a whole lot more.


Links for an album and video from the day are below. Enjoy and keep smiling!  🙂



I truly am blessed to have the opportunity to go on these road trips and I thank my friend Joyce very much for taking me.

7 Responses to “Canada watch 10-15-11”

  1. Maureen in MA Says:

    Greaet post, pix, and video! Thank you! That water looks COLD! Speedy recovery from your surgery!!

  2. Ginny Says:

    Beautiful photos and such a great day you had MAK!
    I hope you recover quickly too!

  3. Kris G. Says:

    Glad you made the trip! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Carol P. Says:

    Awesome pictures MAK. Awesome day! So happy we could all make this trip. Heal quickly so you can return to watching “our” beautiful falcons. Be well my friend.

  5. MAK Says:

    Thanks everyone! 🙂

  6. margaret Says:

    Looks like all of you gals had a wondeful day! Looks like it was a long day too – judging from the sunrise and sunset pics. Wonderful to see Quest and Kendal and now Hurricane and O’Connor and Infinity.
    Nice sunshine in the pics but the video shows the wind just like we had here. Love the mute swans in the video.
    Until you are well and back on your feet, MAK, warm and healing thoughts are with you. Hope you have a computer handy so you can at least track the falcons. It won’t be the same mornings without your reports!
    I hope you heal quickly.
    My ex husband had a partial replacement done last May and he was back on his feet pretty quickly. i wish the same for you!
    Be well.

  7. Hannelore Rau Says:

    useful info. hope to see more good posts in the foreseeable future.

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