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Morning Falcon Watch 2-12-16

By Rochester Falcon Watcher MAK

It was a chilly start at 12 (F) -11 (C) degrees with mostly cloudy conditions.

I could see that Billie and Seth were on the north window ledge of Seneca Towers as I pulled into my spot on East Ridge Rd.


I stayed with them for a few minutes then moved on to downtown. I had a full day planned so I didn’t have a lot of time for my watch today. As I pulled over on the Andrews St. bridge I spotted Beauty on the base of Mercury.


I then drove to the Broad St. bridge to see the front of the Beautyful one from a much closer place. She was looking over the vicinity.


At 7:56am Beauty spotted something and flew off over the river to the north of OCSR.


I drove over to the Radisson Hotel by Main St. to check the OCSR elevator shaft and from there, I saw who I reported as Beauty, on the top I-beam north corner of OCSR. I then checked from Bragdon Place-nobody was in the elevator shaft and so I decided to go over to State St. where I could see the front of the falcon on OCSR. Turns out it was Dot.ca (DC)-leading me to believe that it was him that Beauty spotted from Mercury.


Now I was wondering where Beauty went off to but I never did find her again. While I was tweeting DC left OCSR and I didn’t find him again either. Larry reported one falcon over at the Brighton site as I ended my watch at 8:35am and Lisa reported 2 falcons there around 11am. I was happy to have seen our downtown and Seneca Towers Peregrine pairs this morning, that my falcon loving friends put a smile on this watchers face! 🙂

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