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Fledge Watch Report – Leo Fledges! 6/12/16

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Over the last three days, watchers have gathered on Aqueduct St aka “the hole”, watching and waiting for that first fledge. Finally, this afternoon, we are thrilled to announce that Leo, our only male, has taken his first flights.  I missed his first flight because I took a dinner break.  But the watchers that witnessed it said he did great.  He flew from the north end of the nest box ledge wall to a lower building just north of the Times Square Bldg.

When I returned, Leo was running up and down the south side of the Union Trust Bldg.  Dot.ca was keeping watch over his son from the Wilder Bldg.  It was a cold, cloudy and VERY windy day, with temps in the mid 60’s.  Although it felt much colder.

Leo started to flap his wings, and we all held our breath.  Surely the high winds would pick him up and send him on his way! But, this young juvie, no longer an eyas now that he had fledged, was determined to join his dad on the Wilder bldg.  His wings beat faster and faster, until you could barely see them and then he took off, swiftly gaining altitude.  Higher and higher until the winds swept him up and over the Wilder bldg.

The gathered watchers watched as Leo gained control and started to turn to the right.  He flew over us and we cheered him on as he continued to turn and head back to the Times Square bldg.  Now the wind was his friend.  He was using it to climb higher towards his target.  He was heading home, one sister flapping encouragement from the well wall near the nest box.

He missed the landing on the wall, but managed to drop into the well that was located below the nest box.  Dot.ca landed on the wall and both he and his daughter looked down to see where Leo was.  We all gave a cheer knowing that Leo had made it home. I quickly texted that Leo was in the well and asked if he was ok?

Quickly the on-line watchers let us know that he was fine.  He had climbed the ramp to the nest box platform that our friend Tim (with Linda’s help 🙂 had built for just this purpose.  Leo was in the nest box, resting from his big adventure.  It was our first fledge of 2016, and it was a successful one!

Here are some pictures that I’ve taken over the past few days.  Please click on any you would like to see enlarged.  Enjoy!

Friday, 6/10/16




Saturday, 6/11/16





Sunday, 6/12/16





So many watchers were out this weekend.  I hope I don’t miss anyone!

Dan, Kathy O, Lisa McK, Dana, Larry O, Brian H, Joyce, Jeanne, Pat, Carla, June, Linda (aka Braveheart), Carol (aka lukka from Buffalo), Zaph and me, Carol P.

Zaph is a first time watcher and he shared a picture he had taken today of a food transfer between Beauty and Dot.ca.  Love this picture!


I truly hope that our girls Matilda, Lilac and Aria have successful fledges over the next few day!

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    Congratulations, Leo!! Yay!

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