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Falcon Watch 06/13/16 07:00 am

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Larry O.

Lots of activity this morning btwn 6:45 and 7:30. Good viewing from Court St Bridge.

Leo flew again. First from the box area to the south face of the Times Square building, landing at the level of the grating. Got a good look so I know it was not DC or Beauty. Otherwise assuming Leo, as the girls as far as we know have not flown yet. Then he flew past Times Square towards Wilder, but I lost him behind the buildings. However, Shaky reported via cam that Leo was on Wilder. There were lots of moments of activity, and during one of them, Leo made it back to the box area.

Beauty hunted over the river between Court St and the dam.

Dc and Beauty were in and out of the area, landing on many of their favorite protective sites (Ocsr, Mercury, wings both above and below).

Had three girls fanning on the wall at one time.

Twitter was not forwarding my reports, as far as I could tell. Shaky posted several comments on location of eyases based on the cameras, but I did not receive them on my phone while I was doing the watch.

2 Responses to “Falcon Watch 06/13/16 07:00 am”

  1. shaky Says:

    I assume this is Larry’s report.

    There seems to be a lot of problems recently sending and receiving twitter message via SMS text. If possible, it might be worthwhile to investigate using one or more of the many twitter apps for smart phones that don’t relay on SMS texting. Not saying anyone should switch, but maybe have one as a backup.

  2. patsy6 Says:

    I got all your tweets on my phone this morning, Larry, and it appears that they were all posted to rfalconcam as well.

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