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Wednesday Fledge Watch – It’s Aria’s Turn! 6/15/16

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

The watchers spent most of the day watching Leo show off his new flying skills by chasing his mom every chance he got. He is becoming quite accomplished.

Both Leo and Matilda spent a lot of time at the nest box with Aria who had yet to fledge. Lilac is an independent young juvie.

At about 4:30pm, while Leo was out chasing Beauty, both Aria and Matilda were together at the north end of the well wall. Flap flap flap! Then Matilda took flight, heading towards the Wilder bldg. She landed on the SW corner. This was the incentive Aria needed. Her large wings beat faster and faster! She was off!

Aria followed her sister’s path and made an excellent landing next to Matilda. She had fledged a day after her sisters. She had made the leap from eyas to juvie. All 4 had successfully fledged!

Many watchers were gathered throughout the day. Dan, Larry, Zaph, Carol (aka Lukka from Buffalo), Joyce, Brian, Lisa, Dana, Carla, Pat, Jeanne and me, Carol P. Thanks to all of you and thanks to our on line watchers, Ei, Donna and Annette, that let us know what’s happening and move the camera to track the movements of our juvies.

When I left this evening, all 4 juvies were on top of the Wilder bldg. Tomorrow will be another busy day for the watchers, local and on line!

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