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Thursday Fledge Watch – Aria Gets Into a Bit of Trouble – 6/16/16

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

It was warmer today and we started out with some rain. The juvies were all up on top of the Wilder bldg in various spots most of the morning. There would be bursts of energy that would send them into the sky. If one started exercising their wings, one or more of the others would do the same.

Since his sisters have not quite caught up to him, Beauty and Dot.ca have become Leo’s favorite targets. His favorite activity is to knock them off buildings and chase them. What great fun! Just wait until his sisters are stronger flyers!

By the end of the afternoon, all 4 juvies were in the air. The watchers were spread out trying to keep track of them. I was watching one juvie that was not flying as well as the others. She came in low attempting to land on the Talesca bldg, but instead bumped into the wall. She recovered and headed back to the Times Square bldg where she landed on a windowsill.

We were able to ID her as Aria, our youngest and newest flyer. The watchers gathered to keep an eye on her and the others.

She did some sleeping, but also a lot of stretching and preening. Aria seems to be ok, just tired. The watchers left as it started to get dark, reporting that Aria had laid down and was sleeping.

We are all hoping that she’ll be rested by morning and that she’ll rejoin her family. Aria is in a very safe place and both Beauty and Dot.ca know where she is.

Today’s watchers were Dan, Larry, Zaph, Joyce, Kathy, Cheryl, Willie, Dana, Lou, Pat, Carla, Jeanne and me, Carol P.

3 Responses to “Thursday Fledge Watch – Aria Gets Into a Bit of Trouble – 6/16/16”

  1. karen r Says:

    Glad to see another season is well underway! I miss being up there to see it!

  2. Carol P. Says:

    Hi Karen! We miss you too!

  3. Kate Says:

    Thank you all for keeping a close eye on our kids!

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