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Rochester Falcon Watch – 2/15 & 2/16/20

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Hello Falcon Fans!  Here is a report and some pics from my weekend watches.  Both days, Beauty and Dot.ca were seen, and Billie and Beau too!  Plus some other exciting sightings.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Early Saturday morning, I received a tweet from Watcher Larry O.  He had both Beauty (B) and Dot.ca (DC) on the Times Square Bldg (TSB).  Beauty was on the NE wing ledge and Dot.ca was on Cam 1 (aka Pan Cam).  By the time I arrived, DC was gone, but Beauty was still up on the NE wing ledge.

1-beauty-on-tsb-2-15-20-2<– Beauty on TSB.

Soon after I arrived, Watcher Dana joined me in the “hole” (aka Aqueduct St).  I checked the RFalconcam pics to see if Dot.ca was around.  One picture showed a falcon on top of the Mercury statue.  My first thought was Dot.ca, but it seemed small.  Dana and I were surprised to find a Merlin siting on top of Mercury’s moneybag.

2-merlin-on-mercury-2-15-20-23-merlin-on-mercury-2-15-20-2<– Merlin on Mercury.

The Merlin didn’t stay long. S/he took off and attempted to hunt the nearby pigeons with no luck.

Dana had to leave, so I headed over to High Falls for a quick look.  It was so cold over there, so I didn’t stay long.  Here are a few pics of my quick visit.

4-high-falls-2-15-20-25-high-falls-2-15-20-26-high-falls-2-15-20-2<– High Falls.

On my way home, I stopped at Maplewood Park and spotted both Billie and Beau on ST.

7-billie-and-beau-at-st-2-15-20-2<– Billie and Beau at ST.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

I went out again Sunday morning.  When I arrived at the “hole”, the first thing I did was put down some seed for the pigeons that lived next to the Times Square Bldg.  I try to do this every weekend.

1-pigeons-in-the-hole-2-16-20-2<– Pigeons in the “hole”! (This is for you Lynne! – lol)

From the “hole”, I could see that Dot.ca was at the TSB nest box, sitting on Cam 4.  Thanks to all those on-line watchers that let me know that it was Dot.ca.  (Linda, Joyce and Shaky)

2-dc-at-tsb-nest-box-2-16-20-23-dc-at-tsb-nest-box-2-16-20-24-dc-at-tsb-nest-box-2-16-20-2<– Dot.ca at nest box.

While I was on the Court St. Bridge checking out the Mighty Genesee, Dot.ca took off.  I found him with Beauty on the north side of OCSR, top IBeam.

5-bdc-on-ocsr-2-16-20-2<– Beauty and Dot.ca on OCSR.

On my way home, I spotted a dark bird sitting on an apartment building, half way between downtown and ST.  I found a parking spot and was able to see that it was an unbanded juvie Peregrine Falcon.  Hmmmm, could this be one of Billie and Beau’s little ones???

6-unbanded-juvie-falcon-2-16-20-27-unbanded-juvie-falcon-2-16-20-28-unbanded-juvie-falcon-2-16-20-3<– Unbanded Juvie.

I left the juvie, who was settled in and had a very large crop.  Based on size, I’d guess this was a female.  I was really hoping it had been Lakota or Jupiter.  I wonder how they’re both doing.

At Maplewood Park, I spotted both Billie and Beau on ST.

11-bb-at-st-2-16-20-2<– Billie and Beau at ST.

From there, I drove to Charlotte and along the lake.  At the old Crescent Beach Restaurant, I saw a very large bird in a tree nearby.  It was a juvenile Bald Eagle!  So gorgeous!

9-juvie-bald-eagle-2-16-20-310-juvie-bald-eagle-2-16-20-2<– Juvie Bald Eagle near Lake Ontario.

What a wonderful way to end my weekend watches!

4 Responses to “Rochester Falcon Watch – 2/15 & 2/16/20”

  1. Lynne Says:

    Thanks Carol! Glad to see all my buddies doing well! I will have to bring seed this year for the watch to feed them well!!

  2. Carol P. Says:

    You’re welcome Lynne! I’ll let them know you’re coming. 🙂

  3. Barbara Says:

    I love your photos. The juvenile eagle on the late-winter budding tree thrills me about the impending Spring!

  4. Carol P. Says:

    Thanks so much Barbara! I really can’t wait for Spring!

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