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Fledge Watch (06/18/20)

Larry OHeron

06:15 – 08:00 am.

06:15 am, Court Street bridge Falcon watch. Nothing to report so far.

Andrew Street Falcon watch. Nothing seen from here either.

06:45. Broad Plymouth Falcon watch. I have a juvie on the south side of crossroads.

06:52. I can see one juvie walking from the southwest corner of crossroads to the southeast corner.

07:22. Falcon watch DT. I’ve got one falcon on the north end of crossroads. West side.? Beauty?

02:30 – 03:30 pm.

02:45 pm. Falcon Central Falcon watch. DC flew from the southwest to the northeast come over to parking lot, around OCSR and never reappeared.

Juvie on the northwest parapet. Don’t see g so I’m assuming that g got up there from the extension ledge.

G poked head out from the ledge of the times square extension. So that means hope is on the northwest parapet.

02:53. Roc also has made it back to times square. So we have hope on the northwest parapet, and on the ledge of the extension we have g&r side-by-side.

From Main St Bridge, looking south towards Broad St Bridge
From Andrews St Bridge – looking south towards downtown
Court St Promenade – looking south towards Freddie – Sue Bridge and Cornhill

One Response to “Fledge Watch (06/18/20)”

  1. Carol P. Says:

    Thanks for the report Larry. Love your pictures. 🙂

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