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Fledge Watch (06/22/10)

Larry OHeron: 05:45 – 07:45 pm)

Highlight: Beauty brought eats to Mercury where there were two juvies. A third came in and two juvies were eating, when one of them flew off with the meal while the other held on, leading to a tug-of-war over the TR parking lot.

05:45. Andrew Street Falcon watch. Out now to beat the predicted rain later. one Falcon on OCSR, second I beam down, West corner. One Falcon on crossroads North corner, juvie.

05:57. I’ve got two falcons on Mercury. One of them’s a juvie.

05:59. Falcon Central watch. Adult on Mercury’s arm which I believe is beauty. Juvie is on Mercury’s foot.

06:01. Beauty flew across the river and disappeared over by the Metropolitan building.

06:05. Broad Street Falcon watch. After repositioning to the bridge, I can now see a second juvie on the base of Mercury.

06:12. Momentarily had a falcon underneath the northeast wing of Times Square.

06:22. Have a falcon again underneath the Northeast wing. Plus two juvies on mercury.

06:31. Bcame back from the east side of the river and delivered something to eat, not very big, to the juvie on Mercury’s foot. Beauty then flew off and over somewhere behind TR.

06:32. At the moment I can account for four falcons. Beauty just went behind Wilder Bldg. There’s a falcon under the Northeast wing. There’s two juvies on Mercury.

06:37. The falcon under the northeast wing was a juvie. It just flew to Mercury to get a little bit of what was brought in by Beauty. There are now three juvies on Mercury.

06:39. Broad Street Falcon watch. Carrie and I agree that between the kinda-whitish breast and big wingspan when it took off from TS, that most likely it was Hope underneath the northeast wing. So that put r and g, being on Mercury.

06:41. It’s kind of hard to gauge whether the two on the base that are picking at something are roughly the same size or not. It only matters in order to try an ID whether it is r on the foot or g on the foot of Mercury.

06:43. One of the two on the base snatched the meal, and took to the air. The other one on the base followed immediately for a chase over the TR parking lot, and then the one on the foot took off to chase the other two.

06:44. In the mix one adult came in for a little bit and then took off over TR. So all three juvies are on wilder building.

06:55. Broad Street Falcon watch. Adult flew onto Wilder ladder. One juvie came out of hiding and is on the air conditioning unit of Wilder.

06:59. Right now Carrie and I have two juvies who are hiding on Wilder, and one juvie, possibly Hope, on the air conditioning unit of Wilder. And most likely it’s Beauty on the ladder.

07:19. Pat has joined Carrie and I. Two juvies on the AC unit. One juvie on southwest corner of Wilder, dragging whatever it was the beauty brought in to Mercury, that the two juvies then tugged that as they flew over to Wilder. Beautie on wilder ladder.

07:29. Beauty flew west.

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