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Tuesday Morning Fledge Watch – 6/23/20

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Watchers during my morning watch (6:30 – 10:30 am), Larry O and Kathy O.

Weather: Very warm and humid with temps going up to the high 80’s. Maybe some rain this afternoon. We really need it.

When I first arrived in the hole, I heard loud cries above me. There were two juvie falcons talon tagging over the parking lot. One landed on the NE corner of Wilder. It was Geraki. She took off and landed on the base of Mercury.

Larry O had reported a juvie over on the Frontier Communication Tower (FCT), so we had all 3 juvies pretty quickly. That’s always good.

The quiet was broken big time when Beauty flew over carrying food. Three fast and furious juvies took to the sky and the chase was on!

I tried to keep track of them, but lost them as they turned north. Beauty had landed on the chimney on the old City Hall (Irving Place). One of the juvies had grabbed the food and all three continued on heading north. I headed out on foot. It’s easier than trying to drive around.

Beauty was gone. I followed the path of the juvies and found Beauty and Geraki on top of the roof of City Place. Feathers were floating down over Geraki, so I knew where the food had gone. But I wasn’t sure how many juvies were up there.

After awhile Geraki went out of view and was replaced by Hope. Beauty took off and returned and then left again. She ended up on the Widows Walk railing. While Hope was taking her turn at the food, Roc flew in and landed next to Geraki. Well, now we had all three!

Kathy O joined me on Fitzhugh. When the three juvies were finished eating, they took off one at a time. Roc took off heading south. Hope took off landing on 13 Fitzhugh, the site of the oldest school building in Rochester. Geraki took off last, tried to land next to Hope, but slid down the roof. She continued south.

While we were watching Hope, we were visited by Ellen, who works in a nearby building. Ellen had been a watcher during the Mariah and Kaver days.

Hope took off and headed southwest. That’s when Roc flew in and landed on the ledge below Beauty, who was still on the Widows Walk railing. Roc stood in front of the hole pigeons used, probably to raise little pigeons. He stood there hoping for a pigeon to appear. lol

At one point, a pigeon landed a few feet to his right on the ledge and they just kind of looked at each other. At one point Roc looked up and cried for Beauty to do something. 🙂

Roc took off while I wasn’t looking. When I ended my watch at 10:30 am, the only falcon I had in view was Beauty. Sadly no pictures of Dot.ca. Larry O and Kathy O said he was over on OCSR.

Here are some pictures from my watch. Enjoy!

Geraki on Corner of Wilder
Geraki on Base of Mercury
Hope Flew in from the FCT to Land on TSB NW Wing Ledge
Beauty Flew in with Breakfast and All 3 Juvies Followed
Beauty Landed on the old City Hall Chimney After the Juvies Took the Food
Beauty Keeping Watch Over the Juvies While they Eat on City Place
Geraki Helps Keep Watch with Mom
Hope Takes Her Turn on Guard Duty
Beauty Takes Off and Flies Overhead
Geraki on City Place
Roc (on right) Flies in and Lands Next to Geraki
Roc on City Place
Beauty Checking on Her Young
Roc on City Place
Hope on City Place
Beauty on Widows Walk
Hope on 13 Fitzhugh
Hope on 13 Fitzhugh
Hope on 13 Fitzhugh
Roc on Widows Walk
Looking For Pigeons
Roc on Widows Walk
When Roc Walked Down the Ledge, a Pigeon Landed Near the Pigeon Hole
Roc and the Pigeon
Beauty was Just Above them on the Railing

The building that Hope was on was the site of the first schoolhouse in Rochester. The current building was built in 1873.

This the building that Hope Was on During my Morning Watch

2 Responses to “Tuesday Morning Fledge Watch – 6/23/20”

  1. Alison in Indiana Says:

    I liked the history lesson at the end as well as all the pictures and the delightful narrative.

  2. Carol P. Says:

    Thank you Alison! 🙂

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