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Thursday Morning Fledge Watch – 6/25/20

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Watchers This Morning (6:15 – 9:45 am) – Dana, Kathy O, Larry O, Sue, Shaky & Carol P.

Weather: Cool with low humidity. 60’s this morning, going up to high 70’s this afternoon. Lots of sunshine and blue sky.

Finally! Welcome Rochester Falcons Class of 2020!

Finally, our three juvies landed close to each other on Widows Walk this morning. It’s so hard to get a picture of the three of them together. I just wish there could have been four juvies in this picture. I know their lost sibling is flying free with all our falcons that have passed before her or him.

This morning they were very active, playing with each other. They love being together!

The girls, Hope and Geraki enjoyed a nice talon tag session over us. It is so amazing seeing them fly so well. Roc is really close to hunting on his own. I would not be surprised if one of the watchers is lucky enough to see him successfully hunt one of these days.

Beauty was hanging out on the Powers Bldg and Dot.ca on OCSR. Geraki even joined Dot.ca, on the top Ibeam of OCSR, making an awesome landing. She was the one that was having a bit of trouble with her landings so it was great seeing her do so well. Hope is a bit smaller than Geraki. She intensely watches everything that moves around her.

Our class of 2020 is doing great!

Here are some pictures from my morning watch. Enjoy!

Roc, Hope & Geraki on Widows Walk
Hope, Roc & Geraki on Widows Walk
Watchers Shadows
Juvies Talon Tagging
Girls Just want to Have Fun!
Hope and Geraki Flying Together
Dot.ca Brings in a Snack for the Juvies
Dot.ca and the Juvies
All Three Juvies on Widows Walk
Geraki with Wings
Beauty Watching From Powers Bldg
Dot.ca on OCSR

4 Responses to “Thursday Morning Fledge Watch – 6/25/20”

  1. Kathy O Says:

    What a fun watch it was!! Great pics!

  2. Carol P. Says:

    Thanks Kathy! Fun with falcons and watchers! 🙂

  3. Sue Ras Says:

    Thanks for the great pictures and updates. Since I have moved away from Rochester I appreciate all your reporting and news. I have been obsessed since watching the Mariah/Kavar years. I appreciate all your hard work! Thanks you 😍

  4. Carol P. Says:

    Thanks so much for that very nice comment Sue. 🙂

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