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2023 Fledge/Falcon Watch Favorites!

By Rochester Falcon Watcher Carol P.

Well, what can I say? This year got away from me totally! As you have probably heard, downtown Rochester is a wreck! There are very few options on where to sit and watch or park the Rochester Falcons and certainly nowhere quiet. A few of us even got parking tickets! That was a first for me. Here’s a couple shots to show you a bit of what we have been dealing with.

The Hole, A favorite Watcher Area
Main St and Exchange
Left to Right, Cross Rds/Reynolds/OCSR/Arcade/Wilder

Enough complaining, it is what it is. Another strange thing that happened this year is that no watcher’s actually witnessed any of our young falcons fledging. It all happened while we were not there. From Jubilee’s accidental fledge after being pushed off the wall by sister Artemis, then Artemis soon taking off after that, to Sterling waiting until later that day. Thankfully all three fledged safely to nearby buildings.

I do apologize for not leaving any watch reports this year, but things have been a little hectic. I and other watchers have been downtown to keep an eye on the young juvies as much as possible. Weekends are the best, since it’s easier to move around.

Sterling, Artemis and Jubilee have been seen hanging out together and training, under the watchful eye of Nova and Neander, to become successful Peregrine Falcons.

I’ve finally had a chance to download my picutres. There are quite a few favorites that I’d like to share. Hope you enjoy!


Nova on the TSB Wing Ring
Pre Fledge – Artemis
Pre Fledge – All 3 Eyases
The rest of these pics are After they Fledge
Artemis and Sterling on Cross Rds
Jubilee on Wilder
Nova Flies by Jubilee, Sterling and Artemis on Cross Rds
All 3 Juvies on Cross Rds
Nova Brining in a Pigeon for Lunch
Nova Brought the Pigeon to the Times Square Bldg, where the juvies jumped her and the Pigeon dropped to the ground. Nova came down to get it, but there were too many people nearby, so she gave up.
Juvie on the Times Square Bldg Looking Down at the Pigeon
Nova on Telesca Watching the People Walk Around her Grounded Pigeon, she was not happy!
Artemis Face Planting Mercury
Jubilee on Widows Walk aka Old City Hall
Jubilee Take Off!
Artemis on Widows Walk
Artemis Take Off!
Sterling and one of his Sisters Flying Overhead
Artemis and Jubilee on Widows Walk
Artemis on Widows Walk Spreading Her Wings
Jubilee and Artemis on Reynolds Arcade Bldg with Dinner
Sterling Takes Off from Widows Walk After Eating
Jubilee on Reynolds Arcade with a Pigeon
Neander on Widows Walk
Jubilee and Artemis on Reynolds Arcade
Jubilee Taking Off from Wilder
All 3 Juvies on the Jail Comm Tower
Sterling, Jubilee and Artemis on Frontier Comm Tower
A Pigeon tries to get my attention while watching Artemis on Widows Walk
That small dot up there is Artemis flying up to the Times Square Bldg
All 3 Juvies on Radisson aka Rochester Plaze aka Pink Hotel
Artemis has the Food
Jubilee and Sterling on a balcony on a nearby apartment bldg.
Sterling Joined Them
Sterling decided to go for a bike ride!
Sterling, Jubilee and Artemis on the balcony railing
Sterling was the last one on the railing and then he was gone
I’ll Leave You With my Favorite Pic of Year
Sterling Riding his Spiderman Bike off into the Sunset!

8 Responses to “2023 Fledge/Falcon Watch Favorites!”

  1. Carla Provenzano Says:

    Carol, what a wonderful report! I love all of your photos, and absolutely agree with your photo of the year! Thank you!!

  2. Kathy Olney Says:

    Carol – great report. Love the pics! It’s so amazing to see how close these three are.

  3. Kris G. Says:

    Thank you for this report and great pics, Carol, and sending thanks to Dana for all her great pics and videos throughout the season!

  4. dumpsterkitty Says:

    Thank you so much for braving the insanity and keeping watch over “our” fledglings!

    It really did seem to zoom by this year. There seemed to be a lot less practice hops around the nestbox area this year. Probably because of Jubilee’s unexpected fledge–she did so well they all figured me too and they were off!

    Nice to see them staying close to each other!

  5. Linda King Says:

    Thanks for all the great pics. Despite all the craziness I have enjoyed being DT watching this fab trio. I’m just so happy they have all done well & are such close siblings. My fav of Artemas is her trying to land on Mercury’s face. And Sterling on the bike is just priceless.

  6. Bonnie Coe Says:

    Your photos are certainly worth the wait! Maybe Sterling will be ready for the Tour de France next year.

  7. Alison in Indiana Says:

    Wonderful collection. I bet you have an equal number of fabulous shots just sitting on your desktop, laptop, tablet…I am pleased that, what with all the obstacles, you never actually had to go rescue anybody this year.

    While it is too bad Twitter ended its relationship with Disqus and the Forum, at least it happened when the season wound down. Maybe Threads or some other rival would be an alternative. rfalconcam would be just the kind of thing they want to encourage.

  8. Carol P. Says:

    Thanks everyone!

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